Reaching Out for Invisible Help During Dark Days

Already deep into November, winter is getting nearer & nearer.

We are reaching the tail end of a year that has, once again, been difficult for many of us. We have been tried with an abundance of natural disasters, shootings, murders, terrorism, hate & other painful events.

These are the times when we need something or someone to hold onto.

Finding Support in Unlikely Places

Angels Among Us

This may be a friend or loved one, your spirit guide or an angel. Most people know that everyone has a personal angel always there who can protect & advise you when you ask them to. But did you know that there are many other angels out there that can help with specific problems & questions?

Angels can be found in every religion, but also exist outside of this. Angels are meant for anyone no matter your religion, or lack there of.

I am not religious myself, but spiritual & have found that in these days of stress & pain opening yourself up to nature & the beauty of the world beyond ours is particularly soothing. Meditation, mindfulness, channeling, all those things can help us find inner peace & open up parts of ourselves that have been blocked for far too long.

So yes, angels are for everyone. In a way you could see them as an addition to spirit guides, but they are more a support troupe from the sky. Angels are universal.

Calling All Angels

Archangels especially are close to each & every human. The only thing is: to get their help & guidance: you have to ask!! Angels, no matter how much they might want to, are forbidden to interfere into any life, unless a person asks them. They believe in free will.

Once asked, they will always be there to help.

Of course, after asking for help, you may not feel a result immediately, but very soon you will feel that you have been touched & you have the answer, or the problem has been solved.

But there is so much more. To truly communicate with angels & other otherworldly beings you want to reach out for to feel their love you have to open up.

An Open Heart That's Ready to Receive

It all starts with a yearning to feel good. Not every day “cool” good, but a deep inner peace. This might be difficult in our world today, but that is why it is so necessary to try!

A lot of spiritual books & websites give you the feeling that you have to be filled with joy & kindness at all times & make you feel bad for feeling anger or pain. That is wrong, no matter how spiritual you are, you are human too, & you should never repress your emotions. What you can do is keep meditations, guided or instrumental, handy to sooth you in time of need, having inner healing ready is always good, even if you are not spiritual, but just need help with anxiety!

To open up to the spirit world you don't have to feel special, or do something amazing. You just have to have an open mind & to believe that, despite everything, there is love & goodness out there, for you but also for others. When you begin banishing negativity from you & your life, you will soon be closer to the angels & the spirit world & they will reward you with a bestowal of angelic gifts: surprises, good luck or “happy coincidences”. Tiny miracles just for you.

Soon the touch of the angels & the spirit world will help you to feel more at peace & ready to share this joy with others. If we can bring happiness to others in times of fear, won't that be the biggest miracle of all.

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