Here is Why You Need to Make Mindfulness a Part of Your Morning Routine Every. Single. Day.

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We wake up every day & have a choice to make: how do we tackle the day?

We humans run a race every day. We rush from one thing to the next. We often times put little thought into our day. But what about the few days we wake up & think about all the things we have to do in the next 24 hours? 

After we wake up, we lie in bed & begin our day by making a list. That dreadful list. It may go something like: breakfast, clean house, laundry, workout, get the kids to school, get to work, go to the grocery store… You get the idea. It often feels overwhelming. Then we ask ourselves, how on earth are we going to get it all done?

Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Mindfulness

Here’s the key: Take a breath to focus

Take ten deep breaths in & out.

Just focus on your breathing. Connect your mind back to your body. By doing this we remove self doubt, stress, & anxiety. Close your eyes & just focus. On the tenth breath, open your eyes. Where are you? Where is your head? Where is your mind? Just focus on your surroundings. Feel your heart beat. Feel your feet.

We can now start our day. Remove yourself from your room & continue to feel your feet on the ground. How amazing is it to have feet? They hold us up. What a blessing. How amazing is it to breathe? Our hearts beat without us even thinking about it. What a blessing.

Focus on The Little Things

Continue going though your day with this mind set. Focusing on the small things around you that you may have never noticed in the first place. That the fly on the wall is now a blessing. After all, it has a heart beat too. Your car didn’t start & now you get to walk to work. We’re now back to your feet – what a blessing it is to have your feet.

Just breathe & focus. This particular day started in high stress before you even saw daylight. We must remember to slow ourselves down before we speed ourselves up, like a sprinter about to run a race. Their minds are focused on one thing: one step at a time. A sprinter is not thinking about messy beds or unfinished grocery lists. They focus on one step at a time, on their next breath.

Allow yourself 5 minutes to breath & focus every morning. This will help you stay calm & focused on the task at hand. Then you’ll be able to not only finish your tasks, but excel! 

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