Nature’s Intention

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Since the beginning of time we have relied on nature to provide us with the nutrition we need to survive. Nature is now even brought into the cities as part of the planning aspect of new subdivisions & apartment complexes, even for low income housing, an aspect of nature now needs to be considered in the planning of such things. Why? Because people are finally realizing the importance of nature & the effect it has on us both physically & emotionally. Take for example, when we go on a walk, what is more relaxing? Walking in a tree & nature filled park or taking a walk through the busy streets in the city? Most will pick the park, right?

Now a days, with the craze of constant commercialization that we are pressured with, & the open arms welcome of the pharmaceutical industry, we have forgotten how simple it is to take care of ourselves. Many medical professionals teach that in order for a medicine to be effective, it must have a negative side effect. Well, I disagree. I don’t think God intended this at all. If something has a negative side effect, is it really doing the job it should? What are we really putting into our bodies?

Think of it, everything we touch gets absorbed into our bloodstream. From the chemicals we clean with to the dyes we put in our hair. The soaps we wash our own bodies with, the cosmetics we apply to our faces! Even the food we eat is filled with toxins that we don’t think twice about consuming. We are being led to believe that this is no big deal. That it is simply cultural norm, & why not? We now have the attitude of, “well, if everyone else is doing it, then why can’t I? What’s the big deal?” We are slowly submitting ourselves to toxic chemical overload. Are we actually giving ourselves cancer? YIKES!

This has all come about because of the commercialized culture we live in. We are being bombarded constantly by this great new product & that great new product & they make them all look so good that we all want to try the next new thing. Let’s challenge ourselves to rethink this, ignore the beautiful looking actors who are largely fake anyway & make our lives better. Research the products we are buying & think twice before buying your next bottle of Lysol, shampoo, deodorant, over the counter drug, or foundation.

If we take the time to rethink what we are buying & using on a daily basis, we can become more knowledgeable, healthier & probably save a lot of money. Simple toxic products can be replaced with natural products that are less expensive & much healthier for us. Literally, we can make something like foundation for less than half of what we normally pay, by using all natural mineral ingredients. & when we apply it, it’s actually doing us good on our skin, rather than polluting us. So much research exists in this area, that’s the benefit of the world wide web of our day & age. We have no shortage of recipes, videos & information we can utilize & make our lives healthier & better.

Essential Oils, A forgotten Way of Wellness

Essential oils have been around since Bible times, ancient Greece & ancient Egypt.

Essential oils were used by the ancient Egyptians for medicinal benefits, spiritual rituals, beauty, & pretty well all aspects of life. As many know the Egyptians prided themselves in beauty & took good care of themselves when it came to their health & beauty. Essential oils were a massive part of their daily regime.

Ancient Greece was another culture that had influence from Hippocrates, & still resonates today in the medical community. Hippocrates studied over 300 plant species & he always stressed the importance of utilizing aromatherapy in daily baths in particular.

References of essential oils are in the dozens in the Old & New Testament of the Bible. Dozens of essential oils are mentioned, from frankincense, to cedarwood, to fir, cinnamon, myrtle, myrrh, hyssop, cypress & many more. One of the most well-known references is the story of the Christ Child where he was brought Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh as gifts from the Magi. Another reference is about the anointing oil which was mentioned many times & contained a formula inclusive of cinnamon, clove, myrrh, olive oil, & cassia.

So many of the uses for essential oils today are the result of many biblical references. They are the lifeblood of every plant you can imagine. The scent that comes from a lemon rind, or a mint leaf, or even a piece of bark from a tree, when steamed or pressured, the essence comes out of that plant & you get the essential oil.

High quality essential oils, such & Young Living Essential Oils, contain natural chemicals that if your body is out of balance, they will aid in bringing your body back into balance. They can be used in many ways including aromatically, topically & even internally. Essential oils detoxify the body. They bring our body out of homeostasis, whereas drugs are designed to actually block receptor sites & trick or confuse the body into ignoring or giving up the symptoms. This is not healing. Essential oils, however are multi-dimensional & filled with healthy enzymes that are good for us, & with the right education, research & study, they can be healing. There is literally an oil that can be used for everything, all it takes is a little time & research & know how to know how & what to use. & the best part is, we know exactly what we are using.

There are, however, so many essential oils on the market today that we have to again be careful what we are using. Like all these products we were once blind to, most essential oils sold in supermarkets, big box stores, even health food stores, are not regulated & therefore anyone can sell them. They are under what is called a perfume umbrella, what that means is that in order to be called an essential oil & labeled as such, the company only has to put 5-10% essential oil in the product then they can label the bottle 100% essential oil. What else is in their? This is why I can’t stress enough, research & know what you are using. This is why I suggest Young Living, which is of the highest quality 100% essential oil & is approved by Health Canada as such.

Think Clean, Go Chemical Free

Let’s think even further. When it comes to cleaning, we all love a clean house, right? I know I do. But what I don’t love, is the headache that used to come with it. I used to get headaches often & I never really knew why, until I switched to all natural cleaning products. I then realized how much chemical products were actually effecting me & this made me wonder how many people out there are also oblivious to this.

When I got introduced to essential oils, I was also introduced to Young Living’s Thieves, which, incidentally is not only an essential oil but an entire line of an all-natural chemical free cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer & even mouthwash. This revolutionary line was derived from the story about 15th century French Thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary & other botanicals to wear while robbing the dead & dying. These thieves were arrested & put into jail & later released because they gave up their secret recipe. This is where the name Thieves came from.

At first Thieves was just an essential oil, then various universities started doing studies on this oil because of the claims founder Dr. Gary Young has stated many times – that the Thieves oil, & the oils in it are incredibly powerful & effective against bacteria, germs, viruses, fungus & even mold. University studies were extremely positive & showed that airborne bacteria alone was reduced almost 100% after only 10 minutes of thieves being diffused. The Thieves line was an obvious step in the right direction.

The results of me personally using these amazing products were 10 fold. The toothpaste is not only amazing tasting but whitens your teeth. The hand soap is foaming & does not dry out or damage your hands. The hand sanitizer does not contain alcohol, is non drying, & actually moisturizes the hands as well as kills bacteria & germs. The dish soap you need so little for such big jobs & again is not drying or damaging on the hands. The laundry soap so little is needed, literally a quarter capful & it cleans whites whiter than I have ever seen. The all-purpose cleaner does a sparkling job of cleaning literally any surface. I can’t praise this product line enough.

I took the challenge of going from a chemical & toxic filled home to a chemical free home in a matter of 6 months & my family is healthier & a lot more emotionally balanced than we were before. I will never go back to chemicals, & I challenge you to go chemical free so you & your family can reap in the health benefits as well.

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