My Personal Thrill Ride

Life is a rollercoaster full of ups & downs.

One minute you are chugging up the hill looking around in fright & wonder. The next you have rushed down that hill, flipped upside down & back again. It leaves you in dismay, wondering which way is up & how you get back up!

My Life - The Rollercoaster Ride

My Struggle With Mental Health Issues

Every since I can remember my life has seemed like this.

I have early memories of my family taking me to see if there was something wrong with my brain. Back then depression & mental illnesses were almost taboo & little was known about them. At the young age of fifteen I was diagnosed with depression officially.

Different antidepressants were tried & years later we finally found one that worked for me. During this time I was in & out of therapy sessions and eventually started to feel “normal” again.

The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows

Up & up I went again.

Just as I thought things were going to be alright, my rollercoaster car raced down that hill at an alarming speed. My life felt like it had fallen apart. How would I find my way?!

I began therapy again & was directed to see a psychiatrist in addition. All those hills & drops led to me being officially diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. After trial & error with medicines we found one that helped stabilise my moods.

...A couple of years later, I found out I was pregnant with my son. Bye-Bye medications!

& Then Came Postpartum Depression

It was shortly after I gave birth to my son in April of 2012 that I slipped into deep postpartum depression.

I know many people ask how it’s possible to be so depressed when you have these beautiful bundle of joy that you created in front of you. I don’t have an answer to that, but I can tell you it happens to more than you think.

I was put on an antidepressant only. It appeared I didn’t need any mood stabilizers. Before I knew it my rollercoaster was climbing that hill full steam ahead & soon dropped me like a brick. A different medicine was tried & that’s when my life changed forever. I found two amazing companies & currently still work for them.

How Pure Romance & DoTerra Changed My Life

Thank you to both of those companies for forever changing my life. Through Pure Romance I met so many strong & empowered ladies that lifted each other up. It’s with them that I learned how to stay in a positive state of mind.

The moments I was flipped upside down, I knew I could handle it. I will be forever grateful & cannot imagine living a life full of negativity anymore. I looked negativity in the eye & said, “Hit the road Jack!”.

Learning Self Care & How to Support My Emotional Self

My Doterra family is also like no other.

They have opened my eyes to taking care of myself & others in a more natural manner that works. It is with Doterra that I found my special motion sickness “pill” to ease the madness from the roller coaster. I am able to support my emotional health during the ups & downs.

Along the way I have learned how to assist my body in other ways with Essential Oils. I find myself reaching for a bottle of Essential Oil over the medicine cabinet all the time now. I’m so comfortable with myself & my knowledge that I find myself telling people, “I have an oil for that!”

Looking Back & Learning From What's Behind Me

Looking back, I think that maybe the roller coaster wasn’t so bad after all! I am able to take a deep breath, open my eyes, smile & take in all that is apart of being alive.

I’ve learned that it’s best to feel the good & bad excitement that life throws at you & use it push yourself forward! Weee!!

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Who would’ve thought I would grow up loving the spirit of Christmas when I was born early morning December 23rd in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania? 

I was raised by my mom, grandparents & step-dad. I grew up in the backwoods of Emmitsburg, Maryland until the age of 22 when I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be with a guy I fell in love with online seven years prior. For all those wondering, don’t worry, we are still friends! I currently reside in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania with my amazing son & loving, but pain in the bum, husband.

I currently am exploring the world of blog writing & working my two personal businesses.

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