A Crystal Healing Journey

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The Beginning of it All

I bought my first crystal three years ago. At that time, I was not aware of its energetic or healing qualities. First & foremost, I liked the look of it; its violet to deep purple colouring & the way it glistened in the light. As you may have guessed, it was a piece of amethyst. The geologist in me was also in awe of the notion that this rock had taken millions of years to form. I imagined its evolution; the intense heat, mounds of pressure, rising towards the Earth’s crust, then cooling in complete darkness. It amazed me that in the face of these harsh conditions, something so beautiful had emerged. Having grown up in a big city, Mother Nature & all her glory was lost on me. This little piece of amethyst reminded me of the overall fruition of our planet, though it had encountered much worse & with fewer odds to flourish.

From then on, I was not content with having only one crystal so I purchased many more in various colours, both large & small. I became increasingly interested in their origin, excited by which exotic part of the world they had been found. I would even travel to beaches, lakes & parks to discover the treasures myself. My attention was later drawn to their use historically. For example, the Ancient Egyptians wore protective amulets made of lapis lazuli. I was intrigued by the magical qualities ascribed to crystals by ancient peoples. I rather enjoy history you see, particularly that of lost civilisations & tales about their forgotten wisdom. Inspired by this, I finally decided to give some thought to the power of crystals.

Admittedly, a lot of the information available stems from ancient crystal practises, rather than having a scientific basis. Although, some crystals, such as quartz, are piezoelectric. This means that they can harvest energy from external sources or generate an electric charge under applied pressure. Many who advocate the use of crystals for healing purposes will use this fact as evidentiary support of their methods. However, I must admit that the exchange of energy between crystals & humans is not scientifically proven. That is not to say that it cannot take place, but it is unquantifiable & therefore subject to debate. Nevertheless, whilst there is no apparent scientific data which verifies their power, the phenomenon of crystals & healing is a compelling one. After all, crystals have been revered for thousands of years, by diverse cultures & peoples. Today, their use persists & is increasingly prevalent in a globalised world. It therefore begs the question: can so many people be wrong?

The Positive Energy of Crystals Can Radiate Through all Aspects of Your Life

Yet, I ultimately look to my own experience of crystals to deduce that there is certainly something powerful about them. Of course, my findings are subjective & may not apply to you. They may never apply. Reflecting on my crystal journey, I have noticed a shift in both my awareness & wellbeing. Primarily, I became progressively conscious of my wider surroundings, or at least the ones that mattered. Forgive me, as it is perhaps unoriginal to conclude that I came to appreciate the Earth & its splendour.

Second, nothing pleases me more than being with my crystals. I feel both relaxed & revitalised in their presence. This is particularly significant for me as I have a large workload with competing demands. Not many people have a ‘safe haven’ but this is my version of whatever that is. I can’t say for certain that my improved temperament is the result of the transference of energies but, in all honesty, what matters most is that I am in fact in a happier place emotionally. It is also positive that I have a passion outside of my career, which was my sole focus & unhealthy by all accounts.

Start your own Crystal Journey

If my article has sparked an interest, there is no harm in trying out crystals for yourself. This can simply be for their decorative value or, if you’re open to it, something more. Undeniably, crystals can’t & won’t solve all problems known to man, but I do believe that they can assist with life’s smaller hurdles. For me, it was about widening my perspective & finding a sense of calm in the chaotic lifestyle we all now lead. I can’t guarantee that you’ll reap any rewards but you’ll only find out if you take a leap of faith. What you might also take away from this article is the benefit of embracing something you enjoy, so long as it’s not to the detriment of others or yourself in the long run.

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