Mindful Parenting

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“The Voice

There is a voice inside of you

That whispers all day long,

"I feel this is right for me,

I know that this is wrong."

No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

Or wise man can decide

What's right for you--just listen to

The voice that speaks inside.”

~Shel Silverstein


We are human. We are a species of mammals that raise our offspring from the womb to adulthood. We make choices, whether positive or negative, that not only affect our lives but the lives of our children. From the moment of conception, humans become introspective as to what type of parent they want to be & how they want to be viewed.

Therein lies our first mistake. Parenting does not have a “type” or a “label”. Parenting should be label & judgment free unless safety is a concern. Our self judgement is harsh enough. How we view ourselves & how our children view us as their guides

Listening To The Wise Teacher Inside

On a personal note, I struggled with listening to my inner-parenting voice for some time. Society, media & overly opinionated people felt the need to feed me child-rearing norms that I did not configure to. When this support system is not in place, we began to believe all the hearsay. I worked hard to make everyone else happy with my parenting choices while shutting out my internal dialogue on what was right or wrong for our family. This became problematic when my inner voice became stronger. Shouting to whoever would hear.

I slowly found comfort by practice. I began listening to the wise teacher inside. My family became happier. I was not bothered by the commentary regarding my choices. I was steadfast in knowing I was making positive strides in parenting & living.

The external negativity did not lessen. It coexisted.

My internal gratitude rose up to a new high. I was comfortable with my own choices. I listened to my instincts. I now listen to the wise teacher inside.

Affirmations & Oils

Positive self affirmations became popular by French psychologist Emile Coue back in the 1920’s. When practiced with intent & on a consistent basis, people started to “believe” the affirmations thus making positive changes in their lives. According to J. David Creswell  of CMU’s College of Social Sciences & Humanities, beginning of semester affirmations have a positive correlation when compared with end of semester achievement by solidifying self integrity. Why not begin an at-home practice with your family?

Roman chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender and Frankincense are Essential Oils that can be easily incorporated into a family’s morning or nightly routine. When diluted in a carrier oil, I tend to stick to fractionated coconut oil, these Essential Oils can have grounding, soothing & de-stressing effects on the body & mind. When Essential Oils are distilled properly & are pure in quality, the effects can be revolutionary in how we tend to our little ones.

Affirmations & Essential Oils go hand in hand in my household. We practice chanting, belly breathing & massage as part of our nightly bedtime routine to promote restful sleep but also to bring about a sense of peace & community within a chaotic society. We affirm for our children that they are loved. They are brave. They are gentle and kind. We take turns repeating each other no matter how young or old. We share the time being a family. Supporting one another & attesting to our strength, confidence & love.

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