Mindful Oiling

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Intent. You can set intentions in all avenues of life: physical, emotional, spiritual. In order to set an intention for our life, we must look inward as our intentions stem from our true wants. Positive intentions harness positive energy. Negative intentions harness negative energy. The intent behind our daily routines should be reflected on.

This is one way we grow to be Mindful.

Ground Yourself

Grounding Essential Oils such as Vetiver, Patchouli & Frankincense, can be used daily to help achieve a state of Mindfulness.

Grounding Essential Oils promote a sense of peace, calm & Wellbeing. But what is our intention behind the use of Essential Oils? Is it to tend to your heart Chakra in the morning? Is it an aide in your current Meditative routine? Is it used with your children to incorporate a moment of connection amongst the chaos? Are you applying Essential Oils in the workplace to allow yourself a moment of reflection?

Find Your Purpose

Once you define your intent, your mind will begin to feel restful & content. It becomes Mindful of your actions not as routine movements but movements with purpose. And this is Mindful Oiling.  

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