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I have been asked the question a lot recently, "Nadia how do you Meditate? Is  there a ritual involved? How do you find the time?"  The answers are actually quite simple.  My main response is ANYONE can Meditate.

My name is Nadia & I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  I am a certified Reiki & Energy Awaken practitioner/healer.  That sounds like a mouthful, so I just refer to myself as an Energy Healer.  My love for the spiritual began at an early age, around 7 or 8 years old to be exact.  My mother introduced me to tarot card reading as a child, from than on my spiritual journey began.  

Did I always know I wanted to be a healer?  A part of me always did, but I was not lead down the right path until later on in my life. I am also a Hairstylist by trade. Prior to becoming an energy healer, I did lead a very stressful life.  I did not Meditate, nor self heal with Reiki.  I worked a 9-5 job. I would come home exhausted & stressed out.  When the time was right for me begin my Reiki training, my entire world had changed.

Meditating Doesn't Have to Be - Hard These Tips Will take The Stress Out Of Meditation

Reiki & Meditation: A Journey

Now you are probably asking what Reiki has to do with an article about Meditation.  Similar to Reiki, Meditation is an excellent way to heal the body, mind & soul.  I am simply taking you on a journey of my life before I discovered just how important Meditation has become to me.  In this day in age, with technology, the hustle of work, getting the kids to daycare, school, activities, dinner, bath time, bed time, & the list goes on and on!  We all lead very busy lives, but do we ever stop & take time to just breathe?  Sounds pretty simple doesn't it?  The answer is yes, it truly is.

The Meaning of Meditation

First, let me introduce you to what meditation actually means.  To some, Meditation means a deep concentration on something, & in this stopping or slowing down what goes on in our minds. Trying to do this is next to impossible.  Meditation is a process of awareness, not a state of doing.  You cannot force your mind to turn off. Meditation is taking a moment to sit quietly & ponder.  It is a powerful, deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm & silent, yet completely alert. Meditation allows you to become more earth connected & with this your body can begin to heal & re-balance.

Prior to my certification course for Reiki & Energy Awaken, I too thought I did not have time to Meditate.  I had Meditated for years in the past, but always made a ritual out of it.  I would light candles, incense, music, dim the lights & sit there for minutes to an hour.  Yes, it was time consuming.  So for years, I did stop.  Trust me, I could've used it! I honestly thought that was the correct way.  I did not realise how simple it could be.  Until after much research, I learned I can Mediate anywhere at anytime. It can only take a few minutes of your day.

The Simplicity of Meditation

To those still under the impression that you need to wipe your mind clear while you Mediate, I am happy to say this is not so.  It is almost impossible to turn your brain completely off.  Even when we sleep, we dream.  We are human beings, that is almost next to impossible!  The possible is just focusing your mind on the rights images when you Meditate.  Positive thoughts. Thoughts that make us happy. Most important, you need to breathe.  As long as you are conscious of yourself breathing in & out, you are Meditating.  Concentrate on the inhaling & exhaling. You can do this just about anywhere.

A Simple Exercise in Meditation

Stop reading for a moment & do this Meditation exercise...close your eyes...take a deep breathe in & exhale out.  As you take a deep breathe in, think of all the stresses you had during your day. With each exhalation, think of those stresses being pushed away by your own breath.  If you stopped to continue reading this article, don't, that is cheating.  Take one more deep breathe in, hold it for a second, & breath out.  Now you may continue to read.  Feel better?

All you need to do is designate 5-10 minutes a day for yourself.  This can be anywhere, from your most sacred space in your home, your bed, bathroom, even riding the bus on the way to work.  As long as you are conscience as you breathe in & out, you can reach that state of consciousness to allow your body to Meditate.  Sounds too easy?  Trust me when I say, it is.

My personal favourite please to Meditate is in bed, just before I go to sleep.  I lay in bed breathing in & out. Filling my head with nothing but positive thoughts.  My second favourite place is in the bath tub.  Yes, that is right.  That is my personal time & generally my 7-year-old will leave me alone for at least 10 minutes.  I listen to my relaxing Meditation music, close my eyes & relax.

Fill Your Head With Positive Thoughts

In order to fill your head with these positive thoughts, you need to forget about your day for at least 10 minutes.  Picture yourself in your most happiest place. Is it laying on a beach? Swimming in the water?  Maybe just taking a walk, spending time with your family or loved ones.  Whatever it is, put that image in your mind & really feel it.  Feel the water & the sand between your toes.  Hear the laughter of your children. Feel the warmth of the sun. Whatever your happiest place is, go there!  This is the best advice I can give.  If that is still too complicated, just let your mind wonder as you breathe.  Let the images flow naturally.

Do not think about what you did not pick up at the grocery store, or what your boss told you needs to be done tomorrow, or that your forgot to take the garbage out.  Stop checking those Facebook posts for 10 minutes, they are not going anywhere.  The post of what your best friend ate for dinner, is not that important.  This is your 10 minutes, use it, & travel to your happy place.

As you are picturing your most happiest place, breathe in & out.  Start with one deep breath in, hold it for a second & let it out.  Than continue with just slow breaths in & out.  Pay attention to your breathing, because as soon as you start thinking about other things, you may hold your breath.  Be conscience of your breath so it does not become shallow.  Feel yourself becoming earth connected.

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Picture a warm light surrounding you.  It could be white, yellow or your favourite colour.  Picture it surrounding you with nothing but positive energy.  It may twinkle or sparkle, whichever feels right.  As soon as your feel calm & relaxed you may open your eyes.

If you want to dedicate more than 10 minutes to your Meditation, do so.  I usually try & do 10 in the morning, 10 at night.  People who have children or any full time job will understand, sometimes 10 minutes is all you have.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you still find you have trouble focusing, it does take a little practice.  Another option is you can find a lot of guided Meditation sessions on Youtube.  A person's voice will be narrated over the Meditation music, telling you step by step what to do.  This does help.  Use your phone, tablet, whichever device you have.  Put your headphones on, relax, & breathe!  Notice how I keep saying breathe?  Its because I want you to remember that when you feel stressed or anxious.

The other question I get asked, is where I find my music for Meditation.  First, you don't always need to use music.  By listening to yourself breathe in & out can be enough.  But if you enjoy the relaxing music, like I do, than do so.  I don't own stacks and stacks of CDS.  My best selections come from Youtube channels or Spotify.  There you can find hundreds of Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Chakra balancing music & more.  Pick the ones you like & make a playlist.

There you have it in a nutshell!  10 minutes a day...sit...relax...close your eyes...listen to music, happy thoughts, visit your happy place...most importantly just breathe!


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