Living an LGBT Lifestyle in Pakistan

Living here in Pakistan, one has to be highly discreet if a person of same sex has feelings for other person of same sex.

What it's Like to be LGBTQ+ in Pakistan

The Ultimate Taboo

Declaring yourself publicly gay, lesbian or bisexual is considered to be a taboo in Pakistan. People have a hard time being free here because of the extremists living in every corner. A person being homosexual is sentenced to public shame & prison here.

When an individual enters into a school, college or university one can easily find their friends acting gay, lesbian or throwing jokes on them. But the same act cannot be carried the rest of their life. One has to face hardships & difficulties while being a lesbian or gay here.

Gays, lesbians & transgenders are everywhere but they do not prefer to come out publicly because of the fear of getting killed. However, thanks to the technology that has empowered the LGBT Pakistani Community to find people of same interests & socialise with them.

How Technology Help the LGBTQ+ Community in Pakistan

Apps like Scruff, Grindr & Facebook have been helping the community since past few years. On these apps, one can easily find a person of same interests & the two can carry on a relationship but must keep it a secret. There are many number of gays, lesbians & transgenders who want to live with open rights but they are unable to do so & no one is able to help them here because of the conservative mindset.

The Risk of Love

But it still carries risks.

As a recent case took place where a 28-year-old person used apps to lure LGBTQ+ individuals & then killed them. When asked about his crimes, he named it as a good deed. But this is not the truth, killing someone is a sinful act which very less people of Pakistan understand.

The disapproval & discrimination of LGBTQ+ communities are linked with the social stigma which usually comes from the belief that this is a sin & it must be prosecuted. However, the community still organises, socialises, live & even date together as couples, but everything is kept a secret.

A Gradual Move Toward Tolerance

Sexual encounters of same sex partners are evident in Pakistan’s biggest cities such as Lahore & Karachi, especially for bisexual & gay men in particular. Due to globalisation, the increasing trends & social tolerance gives access to private gay parties which is done discreetly.

The venue is kept secret & is not disclosed until last moment in order to avoid any unforeseen incident. One of the biggest challenge which people face here is of trust. Even by using the apps you aren’t sure about the other person. Sometimes you get the right partner & sometimes things go wrong. There are chances of being killed, kidnapped, selling you to other parties, or maiming you in other ways, all while believing these actions to be just.

If we look on the positive side, I would say that there are more negatives instead of positives. But, with the help of the apps one can easily find his soulmate in an office, shopping mall or nearby his house & there is still hope for change.

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