It is Time To talk Mental Health

Day in & day out, people suffer from physical illnesses. Anything from a simple viruses to chronic diseases are treated every second, every hour, every day. Clinics are fully booked, the emergency rooms are full, all to treat the physical ailments that these individuals suffer from. If so many people seek assessments & treatment for physical symptoms without hesitation, why do they not seek medical help with mental illness with the same urgency?

Sparking a Conversation Around Mental Illness

Something We're Not Talking About

Each year, millions  struggle with mental illness, & a great majority do so silently.

For the tiny fraction of individuals who do seek medical attention, their symptoms are often ignored or misdiagnosed. Due to the lack of knowledge & understanding of mental illness, correct treatment is not always received.

That same lack of knowledge also feeds into ignorance & has subsequently lead to the stigmas which surround mental health,that we are all too familiar with. The stigmas that keep individuals silent in fear of negative comments & sideways glances thus creating a cycle of no treatment, or improper treatment, & a lack improvement in their well-being due to the emotional, mental, spiritual, social, & physical decline that will inevitably happen. 

This is the cycle, the flywheel, that I encourage we make every effort to break.

Break The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

I encourage people to speak up; to speak out. To educate themselves on mental health, emotional health, as well as their physical health. To listen to their bodies in a holistic manner. To be supportive of their neighbor as well as themselves. To be open to discussing issues & symptoms that they experience, instead of tucking them away as if they were skeletons to hide in their closet.

It is vital that we take care of our well-being, our health, our wellness, as a whole. To recognize that each aspect of our well-being, & the quality of each, is closely linked. Many physical symptoms can lead way to mental & emotional ailments, & vice versa. This can affect how you live your daily life & how you interact with others. Being able to recognize this in yourself, & others, can be of great benefit. 

So, lets do it. Let's open our minds, our ears, our eyes, & our hearts. Let us be willing to speak out when we feel in distress & seek assistance when needed. Let us be kind enough to ourselves & others, to accept that mental health, & thus mental illness, is just as prevalent & of equal importance to our physical health. Let us recognize that understanding this and bringing these issues to light is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Let us be the change, & let it start today.

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About The Author - Shawna Nelson

I am a registered nurse, with a multifaceted history in healthcare. Currently specializing in mental health, I am pursuing improving the well-being myself, & others in a holistic manner. I am a wife & mother of two. I am a foodie, music junkie, yogi, & reader. Speaking out to others & sharing healthy information, positivity, & my journey toward wellness has become a passion. 

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