Is Fair Love Shop The Best Place to Buy Mineral Makeup?

Hi, everybody! Today I’ll be reviewing some products from Fair Love Shop that I’ve been really excited to check out. The three products I’ll be reviewing are foundation, highlighter & an eyeshadow.

A Mineral Makeup Review

Introducing The Fair Love ShoP

In case you don’t know much about Fair Love Shop, they’re a brand that sells natural mineral makeup. I’ve spoken to the owner of the shop personally, & she’s the absolute sweetest.

For the review, I’ll cover my general opinion, & whether I think it’s better than a comparable product that is not mineral makeup.

Pure Mineral Foundation

I will be comparing Fair Love Shop's Pure Mineral Foundation to Wet N’ Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation, which is about $6 at the Walmart near me.

The packaging is sturdy, & the cap is easy to open & close. The foundation itself is in powder form. For application, I used a foundation brush.

Before I put it on, I was a bit worried about how it would look on my skin, since I have extremely dry skin. However, after I put it on & blended everything out (& pat down the few spots where I’m particularly dry) it looked amazing on me.

This foundation also blended beautifully with my finishing powder, blush, bronzer, & the highlight, which was definitely a plus. All in all, I would most definitely recommend this foundation to anyone - whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, sensitive - it’s perfect for anyone!

In terms of this foundation versus my usual drugstore one, I’d say they’re pretty equal. My drugstore one smells a little bit, & it’s a bit faster to put on, but that’s about it.

Make Me Shine Highlighter

The Make Me Shine Highlighter comes in a really cute container with an adorable label on the front, as well as one on the bottom that says the shade & a few other things.

I love that the highlighter goes well with my drugstore foundation & my mineral one. I’d say this highlighter compares to Colourpop’s pressed highlighter in Hippo.

The only complaint I have about the highlighter is that the sifter built into the container makes it a little hard to get the product out. However, this also means that once you close it, it won’t be coming out.

Other than that, it’s a beautiful highlighter & I definitely plan on buying more. I do wish I had the option to buy it pressed or loose, but that’s my only complaint that doesn’t have to do with packaging.

Mineral Eyeshadow

The packaging for Fair Love Shop's Mineral Eyeshadow is similar to the highlighter, except the sifter is more like a half-circle shaped slot, instead of multiple small holes.

I have no complaints about the eyeshadow. The colour I have is gorgeous, doesn’t crease, & there’s very minimal fallout, if any.

I have hooded eyes, so I worry about having to use a lot of product to get the same type of look as those without hooded eyes. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I didn’t need as much product as I did when I use other brands.

All in all, the eyeshadow is one of my favorites in my collection, & even though I’ve used it many times, there’s not a noticeable amount missing yet.

My Impression of Fair Love Shop's Mineral Makeup

If you’re looking for great mineral makeup, check out Fair Love Shop. I promise you, it’s worth it.

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