If your Trust it, The Path Will Appear

As I began writing this article I was yet unclear what I wanted to share, but I trusted that spirit would step in & guide me.

My Spiritual Awakening & What it Taught Me

From Skeptic to Spiritually Aware

Ten years ago you would not have seen me start an article with such a bold statement & I am so glad that I am no longer that person! I was a black & white, science is everything, BSc Psychology graduate, who had spent a few years living in London.

Spirituality was for those silly enough to believe in ‘anything that was not proven’…but then something happened: I had a sudden, out of the blue, spiritual awakening & felt drawn towards the greater questions in life.

My awakening happened slowly, over a period of almost ten years, but around five years into the journey I had physical experiences of energy & spirits. That is when I knew for sure I could no longer ignore what was happening, nor explain it with my logical mind.

Letting Go & Letting My Spiritual Guides Show me The Way

I doubted every step of the way & I still question if my guides are real on occasion, but I could not deny the calling in my heart.

In fact, that calling grew so strong that I quit my postgraduate studies in Counselling, to follow the lightworkers’ path (a tough decision for a science only A+ student). By allowing myself to truly step into what I wanted to do & trust this guidance fully, my life changed dramatically.

Yes, I do still work part time whilst growing my business & funding my spiritual studies, but I have a foot in the door & I am working hard to move my whole mind, body & soul over the threshold. I have, however, learned that your spiritual journey cannot be rushed & in hindsight I can look back & see why.

Reaching a Scientific Conclusion About Spirituality

You see, although I doubted every spiritual experience, every spirit I came across, every synchronicity & every amazing piece of psychic information that came to me at first, I reached a state where it was unscientific of me to ignore what was happening.

Now, hundreds of psychic readings later I can tell you that it is real because there is no way I could consciously know, nor obtain, the sort of information that comes through in a reading. Some things may seem mundane, others are mind blowing such as when I repeat something someone has dreamed about, a past life vision someone has had or other validating bits & pieces of information that I just could not have known.

The most beautiful part though, is the sense of knowing & the deep feelings it can bring & above all the healing it brings to others. In fact, I no longer think there is anything supernatural about psychic readings – all I am doing is reading your energy field & emotions with the help of my guides (ok, that is a little supernatural!)

My Experience With Spirituality

Let me ask you this: if you have your back to the door & someone enters an empty room that you are in, do you doubt that there is someone behind you? If your eyes are closed & someone was to move closer to you, would you notice? What about when you enter a room & someone has just had an argument? We are all energy & we all experience energy, it really is not that hard to fathom.

However, if I had not worked on trusting the information, daring to step out of my comfort zone & risk being wrong, ridiculed or failing readings (it does happen!) I could not have built this trust. If I had not followed every gut feeling & message along the way, I would not have been here to say that it is hard to trust, but it has to be done. Through trusting I have become a confident psychic reader, Tarot reader & teacher (in fact, I have created several different courses!), Reiki practioner, Certified Quantum Life Coach, Certified Spirit Guide Coach & Soul Regression Therapist, trained by Lorna & John Jackson of the Jackson Institute, Australia.

What is a Regression Therapist?

As a Soul Regression Therapist I help others access past lives through deep hypnosis & then perform an emotional healing. I also help clients access their soul state, higher self, deepest unconscious & the between lives state.

The first time I was regressed to the between lives state myself I began to voice channelling (which I had been told a year earlier, by my Reiki Master, that I would do). To get to that state I had to trust that what spirit was giving me was real or at least something they wanted me to know.

Just as I finished my course I randomly felt drawn to Shamanism.

‘That is a little out there’ I thought to myself, yet I knew that this was another hunch guiding me in the right direction. So, to those of you who struggle with trusting your spiritual path & above all your inner guidance – what are you afraid of? What is the worst that can happen?

So, What Are You Afraid of?

You may be wrong, you may be ridiculed, you may change your mind, you may fall flat & have to clear the dust of your pants & get up again…but what if it brings you on an amazing inner journey, a guided journey that enriches your life to a level you did not see coming? What if feeling the fear & doing it anyway is part of your life lesson this time around? What if it is all in your mind but it teaches you to have fun, get in touch with your inner child & live a deeper & more meaningful life?

What if all it does is help you open your heart more, create new opportunities & better relationships with others? Do you really need to have all the answers before you put in the work & see the results? Trust, is all it takes.

Trust is All It Takes

Trust in yourself, trust in the messages that come through & trust that there is just a little bit more to life than what we can experience in the material world & understand with our limited human perspective.

You see, I am still scientific at heart & if I get sick I do want a medical doctor to help me. Yet, I have to say that ignoring all the valid data & proper studies on supernatural topics out there, out of fear of ridicule, is not a scientific approach. I have come to learn that most people who criticise the spiritual path do not actually understand what it entails. E.g. those who ask ‘if psychics are real, why have they not ever used their skills to get the correct lotto numbers?’ have not actually taken the time to learn what a psychic does, they think a psychic is a fortune teller.

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Be Trusting. Be Daring.

At the end of the day TRUST is about listening to your inner guidance & daring to explore the waters beyond your current horizon. It is about allowing yourself to go a little further, dig a little deeper & to swim in the unknown.

There is a place for science & there is a place for spirituality. In between there is a place where they meet such as in Quantum Physics, exploration of space, near death experiences, consciousness & so forth.

Through trust I gained the life I wanted, the depth & happiness & richness that we all dream of in life & I did not lose anything. I could still write a scientific research article & I promise I would not use the word ‘soul’, ‘reincarnation’ or ‘spirit guide’ in the text! However, nowadays I am more interested in parallel universes & life on other planets than the biological functioning of my brain.

So, next time you meet someone, trust a little & ask them if they ever had a paranormal experience? They probably would not have told you about it, but since you are asking, they might. You will be surprised to know that at least half of the people you ask will say yes & tell you their story. I know, because at the start of my journey I started asking everyone around me & was told one amazing story after the other.

So, trust a little, know that you are not alone in your unusual experiences & that you do not have to give up your scientific mind or modern medicine because you encounter a spirit. Until we understand consciousness & all the non-material aspects of the world, we are just going to have to trust a little that we do not know everything & that there are greater forces out there.

Trust your gut feeling, trust your intuition, trust that there is a path for you & more to the world than the eye can see & do not let fear of the unknown stop you. In fact, spirituality is the journey within, understanding yourself, living in peace & opening your mind to an unlimited potential in life. Trust & door after door will swing open, leading you to the right place & the right person, at the right time.

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About The Author - Tessa Santalucia

Tessa Santalucia grew up in Sweden, studied in the UK & settled in Australia.

She is a BSc Psychology, Certififed Quantum Life Coach, Soul Regression Therapist©, Reiki Practioner, Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Psychic, Tarot Reader & Teacher. You can access more information about her, her vision on spirituality as well as her services by visiting her website.

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