I am ME: This is the Philosophy that Governs My Life

I am me.

Regardless of who you are, I will always be Britten. I will be the girl who stands tall & smiles. I will always be broad shouldered & strong. I will always be unshakable with roots buried deep in the soils of positivity & the moral code to which I so staunchly cling. No matter who you are, I will always be me.

No Matter Who You Are & No Matter What You Do I Am Me

You Don't Define Me

You might think of me differently. 

You might see me as the disaffected daughter, an ungrateful sister, or your kin inside whom you see so much of yourself. You might see me as a fair-weather friend, a disenchanted co-worker, or a pompous employee. You might see me as competition, & in this vision, you might see me as an object in your path which you endeavour to conquer. You might see negativity, you might see vanity, you might see me as so many things, & you might treat me accordingly.

Regardless of how you see me, regardless of how you treat me, I am me.

Defining Myself

I am Britten, & I believe that everyone deserves kind words. I believe that everyone deserve smiles.  I believe that everyone deserves respect & an ear to listen. I believe that we all have our own struggles, & we're all navigating life in the best way that we know how.

I believe that our reactions are knee-jerk, a result of conditioning & what we've been subjected to through our lives, be that hardship or good-fortune. I believe that, in spite of our knee-jerks, our tantrums, & our follies, we deserve second chances, third chances, & infinite chances. I believe that, in spite of our actions, we deserve gentleness & kindness.

That is what I believe, & my beliefs are what I offer to everyone.

They do not change to fit a situation, they do not change at the slightest affrontation because, what is the use in conviction if you cannot stand for your ideals & personal maxims? What good is positivity if you don't offer it to everyone? What good is decency if it crumbles in the face of adversity? What good is your goodness if goodness turns vial when bitterness erupts from the mouths of your peers, family, or co-workers?

Being Someone I Am Proud of

I will always be me.

If that mean passivity, if that means digesting spews of bitterness, if that means stoicism through rants, paroxysm, & emotional violence, I will still be me. I will be the girl I can live with in the end. I will be the body, & the mind, that I can respect. I will be who I said I was going to be, & I will be her no matter who you are. I will be her every time & all the time because the moment I am anything else, the girl that I have constructed to be the best I can be, is gone.

How You do Anything is How You Do Everything

How I do Anything is How I do Everything. That is my all-or-nothing mantra, & it plays over & over in my mind.

It if my philosophy, & it means that, when I say I am kind, when I say I am respectful, when I say I am gentle, I am those things as long as I am ALWAYS those things. When I say I am positive, the moment I spread negativity, I am no longer positive. When I say I'm mild-mannered, the moment I am anything but is the moment I can no longer lay claim to that label. When I say I do not yell, or scream, or treat others badly, that is the moment that I am not who I said I was, & that is the moment where I have disappointed myself. 

I am the only person I will live with for my entire life. I cannot disappoint me, & so, I will be me. I will be me no matter who you are, how you treat me, or what you say.

I am me!

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