From the Cradle to the Grave: A Look at Life & Facing Struggles Head On

"From the cradle to the grave, life ain't ever been easy" - a phrase from a popular American Rapper, Tupac hit song "Cradle to the grave" tells the story of life generally as a struggle from the beginning in the end.

Life is filled with a lot of struggle & challenges but the most important accomplishment is to make a positive impact before the grave (death) calls.

Humans, birds, plants & all living things have a tenure, a life span, to spend on earth. Time is an expensive luxury which we cannot afford to waste or lose in order to make our impact on earth. Every man has a purpose & his ability to fulfil that purpose would ensure that he lives full & dies empty.

The richest place on earth is the graveyard & this is because it's a place where so many talents, ideas, innovations & wealth have been buried along with their occupants, the people who failed to use them during their lifetime. The fulfilment of our purpose (ie. the appropriate use of our talents, ideas & gifts to the fullest) would ensure that our journey from the cradle to the grave is not in vain & that ends in success.

There is a Purpose to Struggle

A Race Against Time

The life we live, we don't know where it came from. Whether it was given or obtained; we don't know. But what we know is that life is a fight against suffering, poverty, success & most of all, it is a race against time.

Time is always ticking, never stopping. Time doesn't wait for anybody & it can be such a monster at times but when one races against it, he or she comes in contact with a lot of challenges because time itself is running its own race. It has to overthrow from 00.00 to 22.59 everyday & a lot of activities follow within its movements.

Time points the direction of things, it controls life, it runs the show of life, it tells our age, it says when we are born & time dictates when we will die, it tells us when it's the day as well as when it's night. But it does these things on its own, with its own knowledge, one which is hard to comprehend because we humans are all busy following its orders without even knowing.

Our lives are defined by how well we use our time on earth. Time is a priceless jewel; always moving forward & never turning back or stopping. We should use our time wisely & make every second count.

Challenges, Consequences & Success

Life brings about its own challenges; big, small, long term or short term etc & we are compelled to face these challenges squarely because any other milder approach will bring about repercussions, shortcomings & consequences which will be detrimental to the life of the person involved.

Man - a very complicated being - was born to face these challenges & difficulties in order to make progress & achieve success. He was modelled to be an imperfect being, one who craves for perfection. He was created to try to live right morally, socially & religiously; he would love to gain all the wealth & influence which he can before his life ends, sometimes in grief, others in joy, some in victory, others in defeat.

To achieve success, one's attitude towards the challenges he faces must change; his approach towards life must always be positive in order for him to achieve his goal in life. Hardwork pays, but wisdom is the principal thing. Man needs to get wisdom, which he would combine with hard work & prayers to achieve his most desired goals.

Success always comes with a price, that price is what every successful person has paid, it is what every successful person will pay for his to achieve that thing which he desires the most. From the cradle to the grave, we need to overcome life's challenges & face the consequences of our actions & inactions (where they arise), so that the reward at the end will be Success.

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