How to Add Grace to Your Space

Before proceeding let me introduce myself, in case this is the first time you are reading one of my blogs. My name is Nadia & I am from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I am a certified Reiki & Energy Awaken practitioner. As well, I have been a practicing Wiccan since a very early age. It is difficult to detect when exactly I became a practicing Wiccan, but I do know I was very young when I began studying the arts. Does this mean you have to be a Wiccan in order to cleanse your space? Absolutely not. The art of cleansing has been used in many cultures for thousands of years.

How to Purify Your Home With Essential Oils

Now Back to Clearing

Clearing & cleansing your home or space, is the act of diminishing negative energy & purifying. The most common way is the burning of herbs or resins. It has been practiced in many cultures all over the world. From the scent of Frankincense used in the Church, to the incenses of Asia, to the raw energy of brush burning in many native cultures. The purification of space through these methods has become a global phenomenon.

The burning of sage is one of the oldest & purest methods of cleansing a person, group or space. While Native American sage burning is the most commonly recognised form of it today, it has also been a shared practice in other cultures as well. It is also said that the ancient Celtic druids, used sage as a sacred herb for both cleansing & medicinal purposes.

If you are anything like me, you love the smell of sage. It has a very woodsy aroma & when done, leaves your home in the state, I like to call “Ahhhh”. It just feels amazing.

If you decide to use sage to cleanse your home or space, remember it does get very smoky. Always keep windows open. Small children & pets should not in the room while burning.

How to Cleanse With Sage

I have been asked what rooms you may cleanse with sage. The answer is any room can be cleansed, from your bedroom to your office space. Mind you, if you are cleansing your office space, you may want to make sure your co-workers are not sensitive to scents. Also, that your boss does not think you are performing an exorcism.

Lets say for example you decide to cleanse your bedroom. First, you need your sage stick. Sorry a sage stick does not come with this blog, so you will need to purchase your own. You can visit your local occult or gift shop.

They come in small & large sizes. I usually buy a larger size so it will last me a long time. Sage comes bundled & wrapped in string. Second, make sure you have a heat proof bowl with you at all times. It is not only the smoke you have to worry about. Often with sage, small parts of the burning leaf can fall off. You do not want to set your abode or carpet on fire!

Some people prefer to keep a large conch shell with them to carry the sage stick in & use a feather to blow the smoke to the areas needed. This is definitely an option. You can also use a fire resistant plate underneath of your choice to catch any embers that fall. This is generally what I use. I do recommend keeping a small bucket filled with sand or cat litter to extinguish the sage stick when completed. Running your sage stick under water to extinguish will run you the risk of not being able to light the sage another time. The leaves can become wet & may not dry out thoroughly enough.

Visit your local dollar store & purchase a small or large metal bucket from their garden section. Fill the bucket with sand or cat litter. Cat litter is the easiest to obtain, but make sure it is non scented cat litter. It is great to keep a metal bucket around to extinguish your incense sticks as well. Store away when not using so your cat does not think it is his bathroom. Speaking from experience here!

Cleansing Your Space

To begin your cleansing of your space, it does not matter which corner you start from. Some believe you should start from a specific corner according to direction, but I use my instincts in this situation. Whichever I feel is necessary to begin. Mainly, I like to start at the furthest corner & end at the door. I begin with the bottom corner & wave my sage stick in small circles very slowly, until I reach the ceiling. It is important to try & get the top corners to be rid of any negative energy lurking there. If you cannot reach, grab a small step stool or chair.

You can also use the sage smoke to cleanse yourself. Circle over your head & the bottoms of your feet. Have someone assist you if you do not want to do it yourself.

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Depending on your religion or belief background you may add a short prayer or chant while you cleanse. This is no way limited to Wiccans or Pagans, any religion can use this cleansing technique & add their own prayer. Writing your own prayer & chant will further strengthen its cleansing properties as you are putting your own energy into it. You can also google examples of prayers or chants. Tweak them to suit your needs. Singing is also a great way you can add to your cleansing.


Here is one example of a chant that I have written myself & use frequently:

“Bless this home & all who dwell,

As I cast this cleansing spell.

I cleanse & clean for all to see,

This house is now a home,

So mote it be.”

Rhyming makes it easier to remember. I usually repeat this chant for every corner I cleanse. Do not forget to cleanse your windows! Use your instincts to tell you what needs cleansing. Once you have completed each corner, end at your door. Cleanse your door frame. 

If you are planning on cleansing your entire house, I usually begin with the upstairs, proceed down & end at your front door. Sprinkle some sea salt at your front door to stop any negative energy from entering.

Cleansing Your Space

Now if this still feels too complicated for you, I can assure you their is another way. We all lead very busy lives. Often filled with stress & worry. This leaves you feeling blah & tired. Sometimes you just want a quick fix. Yes, there is one! But you have to dedicate some time to getting there first.

Here I will share with you my Aura/Space clearing spray! Who does not love the sound of a spray?

Aura & Space Cleansing Spray

A spray can be a simple, yet very effective & powerful way to cleanse your aura & space. If you are an Essential Oil junkie like I am, you will love this next recipe!

What you will need:

- Witch Hazel

- Distilled Water

- Eucalyptus Essential Oil

- Clove Essential Oil

- Lemon Essential Oil

- Rosemary Essential Oil

- Cedarwood Essential Oil

- Smoky Quartz crystal & Amethyst (You can use both or just one. Substitute a cleansing crystal of your choice if you prefer)

- Measuring Cup

- Small spray bottle

Make sure you are using pure Essential Oil, not fragrance oils. Essential oils are extracted from the actual plant or flower, fragrant oils are meant for soaps & perfumes. Also, make sure the spray bottle you use is PET plastic or glass. A regular plastic bottle from the dollar store will not be good for this. Essential Oils are very potent & break down the plastic in a bottle. A lot of the cheaper plastic bottles can have cancer causing agents. You definitely do not want that in your cleansing spray. PET bottles can be ordered online, or your local holistic shop should carry them. A glass spray bottle will do just fine. Try your local hardware store.

Now for the fun part. With your measuring cup, add a half a cup of distilled water. Fill the rest with a half a cup of witch hazel. Add your Essential Oils one drop at a time. Be careful because the drops come out very fast! Gently stir the oils together.

Make sure before you add your crystals to the spray bottle that you cleanse & clear them. Cleanse them in sea salt or leave them on your window sill for the sun or moon to cleanse. Once they are ready to go, add the crystals to your spray bottle.

Pour your mixture into the spray bottle, & give a gentle shake before using. Every time you make a new batch make sure to cleanse & clear your crystals. You can additionally cleanse your mixture, by holding it in your hands & charge with a white light or Reiki Energy. Close your eyes & envision the light surrounding the bottle.

Additionally, you can surround the bottle with clear quartz crystals & let the crystal energy charge the mixture.

This spray can be used in the morning or night time to cleanse your aura. Spray over your head & at the bottom of your feet. It does have a very woodsy smell, so if you are not crazy about the smell, just use it at night time. The smell should dissipate before morning. 

You may also use this to cleanse your space corner by corner. Spray around the room, say your prayer/chant if you like. Don't forget your window frame! Once you have a batch of this spray made, it is very simply to use it daily or weekly.

What Do These Essential Oils Do?

- Eucalyptus Essential Oil wards off evil

- Clove Essential Oil banishes & repels negative energy

- Lemon Essential Oil purifies

- Rosemary: Protection and purifying

- Cedarwood Essential Oil is for protection & purifying

- Smoky Quartz is for purifying, grounding & protection

- Amethyst is for warding off evil, for protection, & for releasing negative energy

You can tailor this recipe it to suit your needs. If you love sage, you may add 4-8 drops of Sage Essential Oil as well, then 2-4 drops of any other Essential Oil I mentioned. Lemon & Cedarwood Essential Oils go very well together. Add a pinch of salt to amplify the clearing properties of the spray. Always use your intuition & use the oils you feel will suit your needs. If there is a certain oil you really cannot stand the smell of, substitute for another. Lavender is also a wonderful addition & has calming properties.

Once you have made this wonderful cleansing Aura/Space spray, store it in a cool dark place. I usually store mine in my hall linen closet. This spray is such a quick & effective way to use whenever you feel like getting rid of that bad chi! 

Essential Oil Linen Spray Recipe

Before I end this article, I want to leave you with one more recipe. A wonderful smelling & powerful linen spray. This spray not only smells amazing, but will help you have a restful sleep. When we sleep better, the less negative energy will follow. You will wake up feeling refreshed & energised.

You will need a 1oz. (30ml) PET plastic or glass spray bottle. Fill the bottle with distilled water.

Add the following:

2 drops - Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

7 drops - Orange Essential Oil

3 drops - Lavender Essential Oil

Gently shake the bottle to blend. Spray your sheets, bed cover & pillows before sleep.

What These Essential Oils Do

- Ylang Ylang Essential Oil reduces anxiety, relaxes your muscles & mind. It also smells amazing!

- Orange Essential Oil reduces anxiety, melt away those stresses of the day & the scent is very soothing.

- Lavender Essential Oil reduces anxiety, brings a restful sleep, is calming & brings emotional balance.

Once again make sure you are using pure Essential Oil, not fragrance oils. The properties extracted from these three are essential to your overall health & well being.

I really hope you enjoy these cleansing techniques as much as I do. This concludes my blog on adding that grace to your space! Namaste!

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