How to Achieve True Happiness

We are in this world to enjoy, it is our main purpose. Somehow, many people have forgotten what our main goal is. Life has become so ‘civilised’ (which is actually very primitive) that people have forgotten about basic survival things like breathing well, listening to their intuition & being kind & loving. These are actually the keys to happiness.

When giving Angel Readings, I’m asked about many topics & the answers always guide people to remember their dreams & help them to regain their centre in themselves, so they can create their desired lifestyle, filled with passion & happiness. Angels always want the best for us. They want us to smile daily & to count on them for anything.

Living in Light & Happiness Is Possible & This is How

You Must Follow Your Dreams

Why is it that people need an excuse to have fun? They need to be ill or to take leave, after reaching exhaustion, to finally listen to their needs. An average person is going to burn out while doing so many things they don’t like. They need an excuse to demand right treatment & happiness. It’s not a common thing to make happiness your main goal in life. I pray every single day for people to start following their dreams & souls' wishes as this is one of the keys to being happy: you must follow your dreams. You are here to do so. You are perfectly built for them. 

Being happy is part of your daily tasks. You must listen to yourself and to your own needs. You must learn to live life by flowing in your own flow. Listening to what feels right at every single moment. Listening to where your being wants to go, even if the mind doesn’t get why.

I always ask myself, why is it that people don’t know how to be happy & why do they make so many excuses for not following their dreams?

I believe there is so much fear surrounding being happy. People are used to not taking risks, to not standing out. Following your dreams is all about standing out. You must take risks. Not crazy, unmeasured ones, but those leaps of faith that will completely change your life to the one of your dreams. You must listen to yourself, you must create a life you feel passionate about. The idea of this makes people scared. They don’t believe it can be real anymore.

When it comes to working with Angels, the key to achieving your dreams & true happiness involves having a best-friend kind of relationship with yourself

You must honour yourself & your wishes. You must become your best pal. If you don’t listen to yourself, who will? If you don’t honour your own word, who will respect you then? If you keep pushing your dreams aside, the Universe will push them aside too.

The day you decide you are the most important person you know & that you deserve the best in life, this will happen to you. All you’ve ever wished for will start coming into your life, with no effort or struggling, with no self-exploitation. It will come to you by following guided action from your heart & your intuition & from your beautiful Angels (Spiritual Guides), who are here to help you with anything. 

Invite your Angels into your life, today, so they can help you with anything you’re going through right now. Ask them what you wish for & be receptive to the signs they leave for you, so you can follow the path you are meant to walk in. 

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