How Partner Yoga Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Practicing yoga on our own helps us to improve our relationships with others but practicing with a partner has added benefits because of the shared experience. 

Our society has turned into a technological culture. Building relationships with other people has become technology-based with the prominent use of relationship apps & websites, Facebook, Snapchat, & Instagram. Even building professional relationships has become technology-based with websites such as LinkedIn. 

Yoga, although an individual activity in which one’s practice is solely based on their body’s needs & abilities, has a social component in that you practice with other people in classes & can build relationships with these people based on your mutual interest in yoga & wellbeing. This is even true of relationships we have already established with friends, family, & spouses.

How Partner Yoga Strengthens Relationships

Another social component of yoga is that it helps us to cultivate empathy & open-mindedness, as well as improve our moral development, enhancing our social skills and encouraging a sense of community & social awareness.

Yoga Teaches us to Open Ourselves Up So We Can be Open With Others

Practicing yoga also helps us to release our negative emotions & enhances our positive ones. Within the body, we have energy centres, known as chakras (in yoga terminology). There are seven chakras in the body & these are where our emotions, both positive & negative are stored. When one of our chakras becomes imbalanced or weakened, our energy diminishes & we create a mind-body disconnect, within ourselves & with others. 

Yoga helps to keep our chakras aligned using postures & breathing techniques. When our chakras are aligned, we are able to overcome emotional obstacles & deepen our mind-body connection. Overcoming our personal obstacles & improving our mind-body connection is crucial for deepening the mind-body connection with others.

Yoga Helps Us Connect the Pathways of Communication & Emotion

Practicing yoga with a partner can further deepen the mind-body connection since both of you are overcoming your personal obstacles & keeping your chakras aligned, strengthening your mind-body connection with one another - creating a less stressful, more compassionate environment in which we are able to communicate more effectively & appropriately with those around us.

Practicing yoga with a partner also encourages human touch-based relationships that require trust, deepen levels of communication, increase willingness to be vulnerable, & empowers both you & your partner. A lack of any of these qualities, in any type of relationship, creates an emotional disconnect, which will ultimately lead to the failure of that relationship. Thus, practicing yoga with your partner can help to bridge that emotional disconnect & strengthen the mind-body connection between you. 

Yoga Give us Space to Play Together & Stay Together

Finally, yoga with a partner initiates playfulness, which is an important component in any relationship. Playfulness is a learned skill that boosts our immune system, helps keep things in perspective, improves coping skills, & can make you feel more connected with your partner. 

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