How Our Comfort Zone Hurts Us

We hear it often, “Getting out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do to grow”.

Why We Need to Live Outside of Our Comfort Zones

Experiencing Personal Growth

Surprising things happen when we push ourselves to feel a little uncomfortable. Usually, we learn something about ourselves when we do.

We live in a society where comfort has become a value & a life goal, but comfort reduces our motivation for making important transformations in our lives. Often being comfortable keeps us from going after our dreams. Being too uncomfortable is not productive either, we need to search for “optimal anxiety.”

The Search For Optimal Anxiety

Have you found things in your life that you may have shied away from? Saying hello to that attractive guy or girl? Maybe not offering some suggestions at work in a group setting.

Taking small daily steps allows confidence to grow. When we take smaller steps & triumph, it becomes easier to tackle the bigger challenges that can really change our lives.

According to a Harvard study creating goals makes us 10 times more likely to achieve those goals than people that do not. So celebrate successes & write down daily goals.There is a quote below that I really love.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” ~FDR

Courage is Not The Absence of Fear

Thinking in those terms has led me to achieve many goals.

I would ask myself “ how would I feel if I did not do _____?". In my case, that has been to speak at a conference or pitch an idea to some VC’s. If I couldn’t picture not doing those things, then I knew I had to push the fear aside. I needed to move forward, no matter how uncomfortable it would be. Whether it is personal or professional, taking calculated risks can lead to positive & unforeseen results.

I have spent a lot of time ”searching” for what my path was supposed to be. Of course, this has changed many times over the years depending upon life circumstances. I have tried to listen to my instincts & follow different paths to their conclusions. I have learned to see the value of each & every path, & how to connect the dots to see how I ended up on the path I am on now.
It's like an amazing chess game. Each move affects another until we end up where we are today.

Each choice is so very important, & we have to want the outcome more than the fear that will inevitably be right by our side

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