How I Uncovered the Creativity Within Me

I'd never really thought of myself as much of a creative.

I can barely draw anything despite trying many times. I've dabbled in many things creative but never really struck a vain. Although I can hear a beat in my mind, see an image in my imagination or feel a dance move in my soul - when it comes time to projecting it into reality, it's never been anything worth boasting about.

Discovering the Artist Within

Creating Art With Words

The beauty of art or creation though is that it comes in many forms & for me the biggest leap forward in anything that resembles a creative human has been though writing & online content creation - something I've begun embracing a lot over the last four years. Want to know the best part? The more I seem to practise at this craft, the better it gets, & I'm humble when I say that.

Recently, I've found that writing allows me to piece together otherwise disconnected parts of life that happen to the best of us.

As a dad in my early 30's to two amazing young children & husband to a glorious wife, I find myself working increasingly hard with little left over time to spare on the back end. As like many of you I'm sure. That's okay, when you recognise that a little polarity between hard work & well deserved rest is a fair trade off.

That's where creation for me steps in & takes over.

Finding Time for Myself Through Writing

Writing & online content creation is a place I can explore thoughts, assign myself challenges, engage in new friendships & endeavour to find out where my footprint best be placed in this big world. It has allowed me to collate my own intentions around health, legacy, raising children, flourishing relationships & chasing those little things we like to call goals in hopes of making an impact in your own life as well as the lives around you.

I don't think balance can ever be truly attained in perfect equilibrium. I think imbalance is offset by happiness & a feeling of being content with what you have, where you have been & where you're headed at any one point in time. I've learned that life truly is as much about the journey as it is about getting to a destination because we all know where the destination is at the end of it all.

Writing Out My Legacy

When I write, & you read, it's my mission to give you a part of me in hopes that some legacy will remain whenever I arrive at the destination we all inevitably get to at some stage. Second, it's my vision to see you find fulfilment in who you are through whatever it is that gives you joy.

If my content allures you to explore that, I've won the game. If my stories encourage you to venture out, or in, & find out who you are, I've done something worth while. If all that fails, well, writing allows me to do all of this for myself & maybe then, just maybe, it will inspire you to do the same.

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About The Author - Ivan Siladji

Sydney, Australia. That's where I'm from. It's a big place. Me - I'm a little smaller.

Growing up, you probably played with a jack-in-the-box, you know, that guy that was hidden in a box that once the lid was opened he'd pop out & yell "surprise!". That's kind of how I see myself, an introvert at heart with this unusual desire to leave a legacy larger than my soul, a legacy of which I'm not sure I've earned the right to claim yet.

On the flip, I'm a normal dad, of two wonderful children, a boy & a girl. I'm married to one amazingly attractive woman who's patience for being swamped by my intensity is admirable.

I've been many things in life so far, some longer than others - martial artist & self defence/fitness instructor, academic, scientist, photographer, corporate worker & in the last few years, my biggest & lasting passion that's managed to stick - a writer & content creator.

I blog. It is a means for me to let out my creative juices all the while working in a crazy job & raising a family. My blog is a place to share my opinions, albeit sometimes controversial, share lessons I have learned that might be of use & hopefully one day I can take it to new heights & make a full time thing out of it. Some of the experiences I draw lessons from are my work as a scientist & manager of people, parenting, business, lessons from blogging, family & of course a general interest in things like the outdoors, lifestyle & self-awareness.

Whenever I write I aim to tell a story with each sentence tying you to the next. I always endeavour to put something of value in each line that lay before you, such that you, the reader, will get something of value from it. Even if it be something small. The best part of writing for me though is connecting with you, the reader, & each time I do I'm forever grateful for the new friendships that are formed.

You can find me most days of the week on my blog or you can reach my by email at If you liked this article I’d love to see you over at my facebook page where you can join in on the conversations & be apart of the bigger Siladji community. Alternatively we can keep in touch by joining my VIP list here. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter & Anchor.