How Energy Management will Change Your Life

As someone sensitive to energy, you may at some point have asked yourself - “what do I do when I feel like I'm a bottle rocket of emotion?”

It's very common on the path of spirituality, that I've come across many individuals who feel out of control of their energy body. They either suffer from over-active empathy, awakening symptoms rule their life, they let fear run the show or they feel entirely out of control of their emotional body.

This is all because of one thing: Energy Management. It's this really neat tool that I discovered after having experienced all of the above through my own spiritual awakening several years ago.

You Are a Valuable Resource: Manage Your Energy & Care For Yourself

Energy Management

Energy management is the missing ingredient that so many of us are searching for because it allows us to create breathing space in our energy field. By breathing space I mean it allows us to live life easier, breathe easy (literally) & most of all have more higher vibrations in our life.

Through my own search I began to wonder what does "Raise Your vibrations" really mean? It's often a catch phrase you hear a lot in spiritual communities but I began to wonder what does it truly mean to raise your vibrations & if we can raise our vibrations...How do we learn to control our energy body?

Is it even possible? The answer is yes, it's absolutely possible. However what it really comes back to is learning to manage your vibrations & the energy you are holding daily.


The easiest way to understand this is to imagine your energy as a container or a bucket. Everything you put into your energy bucket via your thoughts, feelings or habitual behaviors, you basically re-energize & reflect back into your reality. So our mind works a bit like a radio - you have a transmitter (your thoughts) & a receiver of information (your reality).

Therefore when you are feeling resistance through negative emotions, your receiver reflects back those vibrations into your reality. This is usually when we feel our reality is very chaotic, disconnected & we generally feel lost without direction. This is because our vibrations are out of alignment with our natural wellbeing. When you're in a higher vibrational state, your energy becomes aligned with source energy. This is termed 'getting back into flow' or 'reconnecting to spirit'.

You stay present, peaceful & usually we're in a calm tranquil state of mind. Therefore I began to wonder, what was happening to keep pushing us into this state of resistance on repeat?


What I came to understand is that the term "we need to get energy" is false. Our bodies don't "get" energy, we release energy. We release the vibrations that we've been holding inside ourselves & project those into our experiences on unconscious autopilot. What happens is the people who are feeling this resistance through anger, over-active empathy, depression, you name it, are all harbouring & anchoring these feelings into their body & not letting go of them.

This is actually what causes illness or even disease in some cases. It's due to the person anchoring these emotions inside their body & not letting them go. This is what creates chaos in our life. It's due to how we are choosing to manage our energy & how we are releasing energy in our life.

Naturally the body must release energy, so if you're harbouring a bunch of these feelings of jealousy, resentment or anger, your reality will start mirroring those interactions through your relationships, career & every area of your life. This is because of the energy you are holding in your mind. We tend to get power or even an addictive habit from the rush of releasing this emotion, even if it's negative. This is due to the energy working on releasing itself.

Here's the skinny: it doesn't have to be this way! You don't have to live your life on an unconscious autopilot, you always have the choice & ability to change your perception. It's time to grab hold of the wheel & take  back control in your life


Energy management took me awhile to learn but it's actually not that hard. It's mainly about learning to become the witness & start developing a conscious awareness of how you are influencing your energy. This will make all the difference in your world.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to get yourself started:

  • What causes me the most exhaustion & makes me feel drained in my life?
  • Is there a way to change my attitude or focus on changing my situation?
  • What always causes me to feel the most upset & uncertain?
  • Did anything happen in my past, that helped cause this feeling to occur?


Where you are naturally putting your focus on is where the energy is molding & forming into your life. If you're always focusing on the things you hate, you're going to naturally be drawn to those things. If you're complaining or obsessing about something, you're still going to be drawn back to that.

The Key here - Switch the focus, switch the vibrational state. Put simply, where we put our focus is where we gravitate our energy. This is imperative towards managing your energy body.

The Energy you hold - creates your future. What is showing up for you in your life is due to what vibrations, thoughts, feelings, & habitual behaviors you are feeding into your reality. 

Your focus is your internal compass. Focus your energy wisely.

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A lot of people find discomfort with this word "discipline" which means it may take some time to understand that when we're in autopilot mode, we're creating reactive behaviour. Therefore, when we take the time to develop mind discipline, we're starting to manage what thoughts we're fueling into our reality & especially what we're making true as fact.

There is a ancient quote "you cannot control the mind, until you control the senses". When we feel out of control of our life, we let life rule us. When all we need to do is start becoming more mindful & present of our reality. This starts with changing your perception & realizing you are only a present being creating in the present every second of existence.

Ask Yourself: How can I change my perception & attitude around this? 

What you project out today is what you are creating in your world.


Where does your soul like to hang out - where do you gravitate towards? I like to call our psychic circle the energy environments we like to hang around, perhaps you may have a toxic relationship with someone, yet you still cling onto them because you feel it's an obligation. Perhaps you spend a lot of your time on social media, even though it secretly drains your energy & makes you feel unproductive or unhappy. Perhaps you're clinging onto a job you hate, yet you can easily start applying for a new one. A lot of this comes back to energy management.

Evaluate: What environments are empowering me vs. draining me? Then focus on changing or limiting your time around these environments so you can live a happier & more positive lifestyle. It's always choice. You'd be amazed a lot of the time we create so many excuses as to why we have to be stuck, when in reality we're the one getting in our own way.


Connecting into step 3, look at your actual physical surroundings, are you surrounded by a bunch of clutter, a messy closet, or tons of old things that you don't even use. The simple power of decluttering our home & our car really can shake up all that old energy & release it. Many of us, when we're feeling clouded, uncertain, fearful or stuck - we need to get up & declutter our environment.

This will naturally start getting your mind clear & open to new opportunities. What I love about getting clear is: say if you have writer's block or you just feel uncertain about making a decision. Getting clear will bring new insight, knowledge bombs or divine inspiration instantly. It's so powerful.

Ask yourself: Where in my life do I need to declutter & get clear?

Declutter your mental world. Declutter your Life.


Everything is energy & what so many of us long for is that feeling of connection & support. Well I'm here to tell you, you can always tap into your divine support system.

Take a moment & Feel your energy expanding, covering your body, encompassing your home, then your neighborhood, then your state. Then your world. Your energy is that expansive. When we're not managing our energy, we contract our energy & make us small.

Reconnect to your expansive universe by spending a few moments in silence. Ask a question & listen for what signs, messages or direct guidance come through. Tapping into our intuitive awareness can be a lifesaver when it comes to removing struggle from our lives.

We are always connected & made to create expansion.


When we stop acting through our emotions, we empower the will through conscious action.

One of the hugest problems by staying on autopilot? We don't even get started.

We stay in park with our stagnant energy usually spinning our wheels. If you're ready to change your life, you have to spark the momentum to life.

It's actually really simple.

  1. Set an empowered intention that allows you to dream big - What would make your life easier?

  2. Get out of park & Take Aligned Action. Any Baby step counts.

  3. The Universe will always meet you halfway - Embrace this fact, you are never alone.

  4. Start Managing your energy to raise your vibrations

The thing is, we don't really need to have it all figured out. We tend to over-complicate a lot of what is going on within our life & what that does is create unnecessary chaos.

Your job isn’t the how, where or even the when, it’s to get out of your own way & just start going for it. It starts with seeing your resistance is a stepping stone to opportunity & it is that opportunity that creates profound change within our lives.

If you're having a hard time, struggling or feeling lost - get back to energy basics. Close your eyes, ask for guidance by stating a question & reconnect back to your divine wisdom, your expansive universe flowing within you. Because the universe isn't working for you, it's working THROUGH you so you always have the ability to tap in & turn the noise off.

It's our energy that has the ability to change our perception & eventually change our life. Get yourself out of park.

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