Hey Australia: It's Time To Introduce Marriage Equality

Australia is a great country.

Not only do we have beautiful beaches, great weather, vast outback plains & some of the most liveable cities in the world, we are lucky enough to live in a democratic society, where we have the freedom to elect our political leaders to represent our best interests nationally & globally.

The Time for Marriage Equality in Australia is WAY Overdue

However, one area where Australia is disgracefully lagging behind the rest of the world in, is Marriage Equality. 

Last week it was announced that the Australian Government would hold a postal vote to survey whether the Australian people would like same-sex couples to have the ability to marry.

A Campaign of Discrimination

Politicians will then take the results into consideration, but ultimately use their own opinions to form another vote in parliament. Not only is this a waste of time & money, it is also an opportunity to breed hate.

Already campaigns are in full swing urging people to vote 'no' to Marriage Equality, citing religious beliefs & traditional family values as some of their reasons. However, this is not about politics, nor is it about religion. It is about basic human rights. Everyone should have the equal opportunity to love who they want and if they wish, have it recognised in the eyes of the law. 

What right do I, or anyone have to tell people what they can and can't do?

If you are not in a same-sex relationship, Marriage Equality doesn't affect you, so why would you want to prevent it? Does it make you feel good inside to know that you are preventing other people from being happy? From being able to have the same opportunity as heterosexual couples? 

If countries like New Zealand, the United States & Ireland can allow same-sex marriage & continue to prosper, surely it is time that Australia followed suit. In a world that is plagued with hatred & conflict, shouldn't we be embracing love in all its forms? It is unbelievable that this is an issue in 2017.

Love Is Love

As a nation, we need to move forward and accept Marriage Equality.

After all, love is love.

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