Have Chocolate Every Day & 3 Other Delightfully Simple Ways to Bring More Joy Into Your Life

I recently discovered a box of dark chocolate-covered pecan clusters that was given to me by a friend. It had somehow been placed in a cubbie in my mud room & been forgotten about & only recently did I find it again when organising.

You can only imagine the sheer joy of my discovery. I very rarely buy sweets for me or my family, probably because of the miniature sugar mountain I pour into each & every cup of coffee on a daily basis. After I found it, I immediately opened the box & enjoyed a piece or delicious chocolate, the stress of the day suddenly melting away.

Simple Ways to Bring Joy to Your Life

When you’re an adult, it is somehow all too easy to forego indulging in life's little pleasures the way one does as a child. As a kid I had so many small pleasures; getting new dolls was a regular occurrence, & going to the library every single weekend to spend hours looking for the perfect books to read.

Childhood was a much simpler time, free of so many of the responsibilities that now seem all but an inevitable part of being alive. We work so hard to provide for our families, try to get to work on time, pay our bills, & generally keep things running pretty smoothly all the while delaying so much of the gratification that comes with just doing things for ourselves, with our own pleasure in mind. So here are some ideas of easy things that will bring some much needed joy into your life, hopefully releasing the inner kid within.

Get Out & play

Whatever type of activity you enjoyed doing outside for hours as a kid will likely bring a smile to your face as an adult. For me, dodgeball comes to mind. The sheer joy of trying to aim those glorious rubber balls in gym class is something you can still replicate. Kickball is great too.

I used to spend every single afternoon in 3rd & 4th grade playing kickball after school. Obviously this is easier if you have a large family, or a big group of friends but it is not wholly impossible for a smaller crowd to do. Turn your next gathering into an outdoor ball bonanza & you will see how quickly grownups revert to their giddy childhood selves.

Have a Secret Spot

Is there a place only you know about? Maybe it’s a delightful froyo spot, or an awesome eclectic coffee shop with a barista that knows your order by heart, or a special tree you like to sit under on a breezy summer day. Whatever it is, go there more often, & enjoy spending time with yourself, away from responsibilities.

It may not be easy if you have young children, but everyone needs time to unwind. Go to your spot whenever you need to recharge, & forget about being an adult (as long as you bring real money, not monopoly money to pay the barista).

Engage in the Whimsical

I get that you & I are grownups that work in professional settings &, as a result, need to act & dress accordingly, but wouldn’t it just nice to ditch the full suit & tie vibe for something a little more fun? My stepdaughter got my husband a singing frog tie one year for his birthday. It doesn’t get much sillier than that.

I am not suggesting that you stop acting professionally & get yourself fired as a result, because kids don’t have mortgages but you probably do. Just be on the lookout for more opportunities to bring a whimsical note to your life, whether having breakfast for dinner, or jumping in the pool with your clothes on next time it’s a really hot day. 

Delight in the simple pleasures after all life is too short to not try to squeeze as much joy as possible from each & every single day.

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