Five Things to Do to Honour Earth

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It's so important to remember everyday that Earth is a living consciousness that has agreed to hold, support & nurture all living organisms on her planet.  It's also important to remember that you are comprised of her natural elements: her food nourishes & sustains your physical bodies, her air you breathe keeps you alive, her water keeps you hydrated & her planet holds & supports those you love so you can have loving relationships as divine expressions of love in physical form.  Here are at least five ways to honor Mother Earth on a daily basis:

Feel The Earth

1. Walk barefoot in a natural setting allowing your foot chakras to receive the nourishing electromagnetic energy & soil of Gaia, fostering grounding within yourself through direct connection with Mother Earth.

Breath In the Sky

2. Take a deep, long inhale and feel infinite gratitude for the nourishment of her Air. Fill your lungs with the purity of her atmosphere, and exhale all of your negative energies. 

Bask in the Light

3. Turn your face to the Sun allowing its light to nourish your skin & soul. Feel the warmth of the cosmos recharge your energies. 

Refresh Your Soul

4. Imbibe her cool nourishing water, envisioning the hydration and cleansing of the very molecules of your being.

Open Your Heart

5. Tune into your heart & simply allow your heart to share your pure love with Mother Earth. Your love for Earth is so powerful & to consciously share it with her is greatly beneficial for Her, yourself & All life.

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