Essential Oils for beginners

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Everyone is talking about them!  Essential Oils are HOT right now.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying them yourself but you’re not really sure where to start.  Here’s a beginners guide to Essential Oils to help get you started on your journey to staying healthy & living better.

The Beginner's Guide To Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils?

Native Americans, Egyptians, & other ancient civilisations didn’t sit around waiting for a Walgreens or CVS to open.  They went into nature & found things to help them during times of illness.  

Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant.  They are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins & herbs.  Oils consist of over 100 different natural, organic compounds.  Essential Oils provide support for every system in the body.  Oils can also be used as an alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals.  Let’s face it – how many times have you started taking a prescription drug only to have it cause other issues.  Before you know it, you are on three or four medications for one issue.  It’s time to take control of your health. Essential Oils will help you do just that.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

We could get all scientific here but let’s keep it simple.  Essential Oils are comprised of very small molecules that can be taken into the body in three ways:  topically, inhaled or digested.  With any method, these molecules are taken into the body where they bind with cell receptors & work to support your body functions.  

Where Should I Buy Essential Oils?

Do your research.  Find a quality company that matches your needs.  Not all oils are created equal.  True, pure, therapeutic Essential Oils will be more expensive than what you pick up at the local drug store, or order from eBay.  Make sure what you are purchasing isn’t synthetic or diluted.

Note  - Never take oils internally if you are unsure about proper use or the quality of the oil.  

Where Do I Start With Essential Oils?

Start slow.  Start small.  Diffuse a few drops of Essential Oils in your home in your Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser.  Apply a few drops to help aid sleep or boost your immune system.  Try a little Peppermint next time you get a headache.  Or maybe some Lavender when you need to calm down.  Remember, a little goes a long way.  

What Do I Do Next?

There is so much information out there so where do you begin?  Invest in a reference book to help you learn which oils to use to support your body.  Check out Pinterest & Facebook for more recipes & information.   Some websites even offer free courses online.  There are even podcasts dedicated to Essential Oils.  Study up & be an informed user of Essential Oils!

Oily Supplies!

Amazon has a huge selection of books, rollers, Carrier Oils, labels, diffusers, & anything else you might need for your Do It Yourself journey with Essential Oils.  Other companies may also have items you might like.  Do an internet search & have fun!