Melaleuca essential oil: purifying & healing

Melaleuca is commonly referred to as Tea Tree Essential Oil, although it has nothing to do with the popular beverage. Tea tree oil also differs from tea oil as the latter is extracted from the same plant that gives us the beverage. The Essential Oil is derived from the Melaleuca or tea tree, which is native to Southeast Queensland & New South Wales, both located in Australia.

In the country, the Melaleuca Essential Oil is very popular for its health benefits. In ancient times, the plant was used by doctors to treat all sorts of illnesses.

Melaleuca Essential Oil

Modern day studies have been conducted on the plant, & these have revealed that the oil actually has some great health benefits. Its use can be topical, aromatic, or internal. Here are some of the benefits of Melaleuca Essential Oil.

Improved Skin Health

Melaleuca Essential Oil has powerful antioxidant properties, & this makes it good for your skin. It is known for cleansing the skin & reducing the effects of age on your looks. Wrinkles & age spots are easily eliminated with this natural product.

The Essential Oil can improve the appearance of your skin even if you have blemishes & scars. Instead of using unhealthy chemicals to get rid of marks on your face, you can simply apply this natural oil.

In addition, Melaleuca can be used to treat acne. This condition usually results from unregulated oil glands on the surface of the skin. Tea Tree Essential Oil can quickly regulate the sebum glands & kill the bacteria, leaving you with a smooth face.

Antiviral Properties

This is one of the most significant advantages of Melaleuca Essential Oil. For a long time, this product has been used to cure viral infections such as the common cold & measles. It does this by rupturing the cyst around the virus; & therefore, exposing it to extreme environmental conditions.

Viruses are able to survive harsh environmental conditions by continuously building cysts around themselves. This way, they only become dormant when environmental conditions are unsuitable for their survival. The cyst also prevents the immune system from acting on the viruses.

However, Melaleuca Essential Oil is able to rupture these cysts, & the virus dies because it is exposed to environmental factors.

Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties

Tea Tree Essential Oil has also been known to have antibacterial & antifungal properties. In ancient Australian societies, this was one of the primary uses of the oil. In case you get a cut or a wound, you should wash it with clean water & then apply Melaleuca Essential Oil directly to the injury.

This will prevent infection of your wound. The oil can also protect you from conditions such as tetanus & sepsis. Melaleuca works as a great substitute to chemically developed antiseptics.

Also, Tea Tree Essential Oil has been seen to be effective in killing parasites & fungi. It is an ideal product for the treatment of athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, warts, & ringworms. For such purposes, you need to use a piece of cotton to apply the Essential Oil to the affected area. It should be applied directly, & the oil should be undiluted for optimal effects.

If it does not seem to be working effectively enough, you can mix it with oregano. Usually, the infections should disappear after continuous use for about 30 days. You should apply the Essential Oil once or twice every day.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

This Essential Oil was also very popularly used in traditional communities because of its anti-inflammatory effects. This is because the oil is capable of treating infections.

Redness on your skin will quickly disappear if you apply a small amount of Tea Tree Essential Oil to your skin surface.

Eliminates Odour

Bad breath and body smells are caused by bacteria. As noted previously, Melaleuca has antibacterial properties &; can, therefore, help to fight these bacteria.

You can use the oil as a deodorant by mixing it with coconut oil & baking soda. The resulting solution should be applied to your body.

The same product can be used on shoes & clothes, especially for sporty people. It will considerably reduce the odour. Melaleuca oil will also improve your overall hygiene as you will be exposed to fewer toxins & bacteria.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is also commonly used to treat bad breath. If you have such a problem, you can use the oil as mouthwash or even as your toothpaste with a little modification. Beyond killing bacteria, this product also soothes inflamed skin. Using it as a mouthwash or toothpaste will reduce the probability of experiencing tooth decay or even getting bleeding gums.

Stimulates the Immune System

Melaleuca oil has stimulatory effects on the immune system, hormone secretion, & blood circulation. The product is commonly used in aromatherapy because of these properties.

Its effect on the immune system makes it an ideal preventive medicine. Its boost to the body’s defense capabilities also makes it great for the quick healing of wounds & diseases. This is why ancient Australians considered it a general treatment for all sorts of illnesses.

Melaleuca Essential Oil is a great treatment for many conditions. It can improve your physical appearance. It is also used to kill bacteria, viruses, & fungi in or on your body. It can help to get rid of body odour & bad breath because of its antibacterial properties.

You can use Tea Tree Essential Oils topically, aromatically or internally. If you are going to take any Essential Oil internally, however, please consult a certified aromatherapist before doing so.

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