Cinnamon essential oil: awakening & spicy

Cinnamon bark oil is an Essential Oil that you can obtain from Laurus cinnamomum. The botanical family of this plant species is the Lauraceae.

The plant is a native of South Asia although one can find the plant in many parts of Asia today. The health benefits of the plant have attracted many people & it is one of the most shipped plants globally.

It is shipped mainly as an Essential Oil or spice.

Reasons why we use cinnamon essential oil

There are many Essential Oils such as orange oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, & cinnamon oil in the world but most people prefer cinnamon oil for the following benefits:

It has a high concentration of antioxidants. Antioxidants make the oil an effective & efficient additive that helps the body with digestion of food.

Rich in essential minerals. Cinnamon oil & spices from its bark contain a high concentration of the essential minerals such as manganese, iron, & calcium.

It has an antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, & anti-clotting property. Such properties make it an important medicinal plant used to produce healthy natural oils.

Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential Oil prevents cardiac related diseases

Using cinnamon oil as a food additive helps clear heart arteries by ensuring that cholesterol does not combine with calcium, fat, & other substances to clog arteries.

Clogging reduces blood flow as it creates narrow arteries. Blocked arteries lead to a heart condition known as atherosclerosis, which is responsible for heart diseases, a heart attack, & stroke.

Cinnamon is also a natural heart booster as it has abilities to ensure proper blood circulation in the body. The oil also has abilities to increase the production of nitric oxide by the arterial lining.

The oxide has many health benefits especially for people with diabetes. The benefits include dilating vessels to relieve angina pain, promoting relaxation of the smooth muscles, & reducing blood pressure.

It helps in blood clotting

Cinnamon acts as a coagulant as it boosts the blood’s clotting abilities. These properties help the blood to clot & reduce excessive bleeding leading to a fast healing of injured body parts.

It is a pain reliever

Cinnamon oil has anti-inflammatory substances. Its anti-inflammatory properties help the body in getting rid of stiffness in the joints & muscles hence acts as a pain reliever.

Patients suffering from arthritis can use the oil to boosts their body’s immune system in handling headaches that may result from colds.

It prevents body infections

The oil has antifungal, antibacterial, & antimicrobial properties that help in fungal & bacterial treatment. You can use it with a carrier oil like coconut oil to treat both external & internal body infections such as acne, rashes, & athlete’s foot effectively.

It can be a natural deodoriser at home

Cinnamon oil is naturally aromatic, & you can use it with other therapeutic scents to create a natural freshener. You can easily combine cinnamon with orange, lemon, & cloves to attain your home deodoriser.

The combination ensures that your home has a warm smell, especially during the winter months. The deodorising effect helps you save on costs of buying exotic fresheners from your local store.

Cinnamon oils also play a role in weight loss

If you are worried that you have gained extra weight & you have not been successful in getting rid of it, you should try using cinnamon oil. This is because the oil is a fat-burning food & an essential ingredient in weight loss diets.

It is used in eliminating annoying insects from homes

You can use this oil with other diffusers in guarding against insects such as mosquitoes. The repellants that researchers made using cinnamon oil are effective in killing mosquito larvae. Cinnamon has the potential to be the eco friendly solution that we seek globally to deal with the malaria menace transmitted by mosquitoes.

It is a natural aphrodisiac

Sexual arousal directly relates to blood circulation with most circulation-related issues leading to erectile dysfunction. Low libido may also result in individuals who are experiencing clogging of their arteries hence preventing the reproductive organs from getting enough nutrients & oxygen for their smooth functioning.

You can use the oil to prevent ulcers

Cinnamon contains the eugenol compound. Eugenol is a compound found in many Essential Oils that help mitigate the gastric effects of malnutrition to reduce ulcer-related pains.

The compound has abilities to limit the number of ulcers developing in the body & reduce their impact on the stomach membranes. A reduced number of ulcers makes treating & managing the condition easier for patients.

Controls blood sugar & insulin production

Cinnamon oil accelerates the production of insulin.

Insulin helps the body to keep its blood sugar stable & plays a role in ensuring the body does not experience chronic fatigue, sugar desires, moodiness, & over-reacting. Cinnamon inhalation can also help diabetic patients keep their cravings manageable.

Used in treating sore throats

Cinnamon oil is naturally beneficial in treating sore throats at home due to its herbal properties. You can blend it with natural herbs that may have unpleasant taste to improve it.

You should consider including cinnamon oil when you visit the local grocery next and enjoy the benefits of using it in your food. Visit this website for more information regarding the use of cinnamon Essential Oils.

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