Conscious Eating

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Eating consciously is integral to living holistically. Conscious eating is simply being conscious, Mindful, & aware of what you are putting in your body as food & drink. What you put in your body will absolutely be metabolised & integrated into your cells, atoms, molecules, tissues, organs, blood - EVERYTHING that comprises your biological aspects. 

Conscious eating means connecting with what you put inside of your body BEFORE you put it in your mouth so it will resonate in the highest vibration as you consume it thereby resonating at the most optimum & highest vibrational frequency as it enters your biology & your overall consciousness & Wellbeing.

How to Eat Consciously

Here are a few simple tips for eating consciously:

- Select what you're going to prepare (or choose if you're eating out).
- Literally recite a Mantra or say a prayer telling the food (remember most foods are living organisms) how much you love & appreciate it & thank it for coming across your path to nourish your body. 
- Thank Gaia/Mother Earth for creating it & creating you (your biological structures are created by Earth's elements: water, food, minerals, air, etc.)
- Continue preparing your food. Or, if eating out or something, in your mind's eye send your prayer or mantra to the person preparing your food & the food itself. Remember, energy always follows intent.
- Just before you eat your plate or bowl of food & drink, feel the emotion of joy & unconditional love sending it to your food.
- Bon appetite! Enjoy your conscious high vibe meal, snack, or drink.

Doing these simple practices will literally change your cellular consciousness supporting your health & Wellbeing & a higher vibrational consciousness.

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