Breaking Up is Hard to do

Relationships are hard, don't you think? Not because they ARE but because of how people behave. We live in a world in which some kind of lying game is going on all the time. I remember as children we would play a game called "The world upside down", & we laughed so much, as we would say the exact opposite of what we wanted to say. We all knew it was a lie. That's why we laughed. It was so silly, we thought. 

As it turns out, grown ups forgot it was only a game. Everything in this world works by lies & making you desire something, so someone else can have your money & power over you. Unfortunately, this applies to relationships, too. Forget about love! Relationships are a power game here. Can you believe it? 

We Make Romantic Relationships UNNECESSARILY Difficult

A Power Game

I've talked about the chakras on my Instagram account, recently. We've been ascending as a collective, while life pushes us to be real: more honest, more integer, more in touch with our feelings & who we really are. So we've been pushed lately to cry our sadness, to let our anger out, to let our heart express itself, all so we can start living a life in which our chakras are fully aligned.

As it turns out, most humans live from lies & power games. They involve material aspects (pretending to like someone to be materially sustained, companies trying to make you attached to them so they can be sustained from you, etc.), sexual aspects (when companies use sex to sell you stuff or people use you for sex), power games (relationships in which people pretend not to care so they can have some sort of power over you & have you whenever they want) ... which leaves people stuck in their lower chakras, fighting in that determined stage, instead of transcending it to live from using all their chakras: to become a complete human being that doesn't need to trick others but that can connect with other humans from nothing but pure honesty. No need of anything from the other person, no need to pretend, no need to trick. This is hard to find. Just pure niceness & assertiveness.

Breaking Up

I say that breaking up is hard to do, as a song I remember listening to in my childhood, as it really is. People cannot breakup nicely, with love & respect. They need to make the other person miserable to feel better & they, actually, don't want to say goodbye peacefully, they want to crush the other to keep the power game going. 

When people ask me about their love lives, I tend to see a lot of energetic cords they have placed on others or others on them. People don't want love, they want to have someone they get their energy from, someone they hold on to, to not face their own stuff: how lonely they feel, how unhappy they are, that they haven't found their passions in life, etc. So relationships end up being some sort of flotation device people use not to drown in their own lack of self-knowledge & self-love, instead of an aware decision of being together because they love each other & their lives become better when they are together. So, when breakups finally happen, the person's world falls apart. It always does, in any kind of relationship ... that is why people should be nice to each other!

When people break up, there is a total shift in both persons. They become someone new, with new tastes & needs. That's why they need to split & go in new directions. This happens until you find someone that needs to go in the same direction than you.

Live in the Light of Love 

So, instead of wishing to destroy someone that comes along your way with a nice, loving heart or to take advantage of them, why not be honest & love them if you do, or let them go with love if they're not right for you? We don't need more heartbreak & mean people in this world. We need for relationships to shift to true love ones. 

So many people ask me about their love lives, their soulmates, etc. They really wish for true love &, unfortunately, it is very hard to find when people are playing games, lying & trying to destroy other people's hearts. Breakups would be much nicer if people lived their lives from love & integrity. Taking responsibility for their feelings, their actions, their words, etc., & how they impact their lives & the lives of others. 

Say What You Mean

Say what you mean, go for what you want, leave behind with love & respect what doesn't make sense to you anymore. Run away from those who act careless & try to make your life a living hell! Never let anyone treat you bad, disrespect you or be mean to you. They can choose to do so but you can choose to stay away from them. Run fast! No explanations needed. That's how we change the world, how we establish boundaries that teach people what is acceptable & what's not. 

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