Brave Enough to Be You

The most courageous act you ever do is show up as you – flawed, messy, spectacular, unique, magical….. sacred you. As Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” To be a living expression of the Light of Who, Whose & All we are in every moment is the journey of our life.

Being Brave Enough to Be Yourself

This level of being willing to reveal ourselves is scary, it feels easier & safer to hide behind personas who protect us by keeping us small, telling us “don’t say that”, “don’t do that”, “don’t be that”, “who do you think you are?”, “you’re not good enough”. We become scared of getting too much attention, we deflect praise before we receive even a particle of it. we minimize our value if we claim any at all, we take care of others & let ourselves dwindle into insignificance.

Yet, there is a spark within that we can feel… A sacred Light that peeks through the crack when we allow ourselves to break open, & that becomes our guidance. A Light that pulls us into us, & further into all of Life.

LIFT is the gps (guidance & protection system) I teach & use to navigate the journey from feeling scared to expressing the sacred within me. This gps spells, LIFT

L = Love

The definition of Love I use is “to be willing to be in the same space as”. The beauty in accepting this definition, is that you don’t have to like or agree with someone or something, you don’t have to think positive,  all you have to do is be in the same space as what is True for you & what or who is in front of you. Maybe you don’t really want to do something, maybe you don’t want to be with someone, maybe you’re done with a relationship – once you take a brief moment to be with yourself & acknowledge what’s True for you about your present moment experience, you have loved yourself & loved who or what is in front of you. When you choose your reaction from this space you’re acting from Love, even if it means saying “no”, even if it means doing what you want.

This definition serves when it comes to loving ourselves as well. Loving ourself is to to be willing to be in the same space as whatever is our True experience in any moment. Giving yourself your precious attention long enough to acknowledge what you’re feeling & allow yourself to feel it is not only loving yourself, it is courageous.

I = Integrity

To live in integrity doesn’t have to do with morality or judgments. Rather, it’s to know what you’re feeling in the same moment as you feel it, & to stay with that even when in front of others, even when it hurts. Integrity is to know if you have a “yes” to something or a “no”, & to speak & act in alignment with that. To live in integrity is to make & keep agreements impeccably, & to renegotiate them clearly as soon you know you want to change or cancel. To live in integrity is to listen to others with wonder & curiosity, rather than to fix them, or prove yourself. To live in integrity is to respond after being willing to be in the same space as what you want, rather than urgently jump to a reaction.

To live in integrity is to so fully honor yourself that you do it even if you feel scared, & living in this honor opens you to the magical voice of your sacred within.

F = Face Feelings

We are taught from early on to hide our feelings, to ignore them, & then later in life we get the message to resist them, that they’re the enemy. All this does is put us at war with ourselves. Instead of fighting with your feelings, include whatever you’re feeling by loving, being willing to be in the same space as it. Pause to ride the wave of your feelings, allow any memories to come up & speak to you, let yourself cry – even in public, play with your feeling, dance with it, talk to it, interview it…. make friends with what you’re feeling.

Byron Katie says, “If it’s not love, it’s fear.” Know that all of your feelings are coming up to show you a reality you feel scared to face. By being in the same space of your feelings, rather than running away from them, you open to receive a deeper communication & connection with the sacred living within you.

T = Thanksgiving

Gratitude is spoken & written about so often it’s almost become cliché. By immediately jumping to protestations of gratitude, we may block feelings of happy, sad or scared, & deprive ourselves of the sacred gifts & lessons the feeling brings. Imagine if you made time to watch & listen to someone & found the perfect gift to make them sparkle, only to see them open the gift & instantly begin dumping words of gratitude all over it, & then move on. No gleeful receiving, no curious play with it, no hugging it close. That’s the way it is with your life as well, to rush through a feeling, experience, relationship, or moment by turning to gratitude is to not fully accept & receive the gift your’re being given.

Allow yourself to savor your gift by feeling the joy of it, allow yourself to remember what happy feels like. Then, after joyfully celebrating the gift of this experience you’ve been given, let a profound feeling of gratitude emerge & expand within you. This combination of joy & gratitude are the true Thanksgiving that opens you to the sacred within.

Being you, All of you, is the bravest & most important act you can do, it’s why you chose to be on the planet at this moment in time, & it’s scary. The good news is, you don’t have to make this journey all by yourself. If you want to learn more about LIFT, like my Facebook Page, Scared to Sacred. Email me at & let’s talk.  

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