A Love Story

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I wanted to discover myself & assume some adult roles right after graduating from high school. You know in the society that I was raised in, you had to wait for almost two years to join college under government sponsorship. It was during this time that I was hired as an untrained teacher in one of the private schools in my neighborhood.

Just like most of the teachers, I was given accommodation within the school compound. That means we had a lot of time to mingle especially in the evening after classes. Several teachers were fresh from high school, but we had a couple of them who were trained.

Love Begins to Bloom

So my future lover, let us call her Stacy, reported a month or two after me. She was trained unlike me who just had a high school certificate. After orientation, I became one of the few persons she trusted to show her around.

After several weeks we became accustomed to each other & sometimes went to the local store together. Other colleagues started speculating that there was a thing between us.

I remember this day that a certain guy who was eyeing Stacey told her that he feared to approach her because he sensed we were already a couple.  Stacey came & told me what her ‘private admirer’ had told her, & we laughed it off.

With time, we grew closer, & we could not resist the feelings we had for each other. Visiting her house became the norm, & she would visit my home day after day. We spent almost every day together. Sometimes we had the company of other teachers, & sometimes it could just be the two of us.

At some point, I had a disagreement with my employer and had to seek greener pastures.

By this time, I could no longer hide my feelings for this fair lady. I wrote my resignation letter & delivered it to the manager, but something was troubling me deep inside. I was just about to leave my new found love. I made one of the hardest decisions of my life, & that was leaving.

I Love You

But before I left, Stacey & I spent few hours together. It was on this day that we confessed our love for each other. I vividly remember the moment when she asked me, ‘why did you have to wait for this long to confess that you love me.' I did not know how to answer, but my fear was that of rejection. What if she said no? Could I have the courage to face her later?

We shared romantic moments together accompanied by sweet words, but we knew that I had to leave. I later joined my new place of work, & two days later, Stacey called. We talked over the phone & she told me how she missed me, & it was a good feeling.

I promised to pass by her place of work & see her. She was happy to see me. It became a trend & several times in a week we would meet, talk & share our dreams. We did this for almost one year. All the while, our love continued to grow.

Time Marches On

Time was running fast, & I had to join college a distance of about 600 miles away from my lover.

I still had her phone number, but I felt that I should look for a new lover who was closer to me. It never worked out, but I was growing distant from Stacey. There was this day that I tried calling her, but her line never went through. I later learned that she had moved on to greener pastures & changed her phone number. None of my friends had her new number, & so we never talked. We have never met again since then, & she is not even on social networks.

I just wish her the best & hope that she is living the life she always desired.