A Journey to Wellness

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What is Wellness?

Often I am asked what is Wellness? I wish I had a perfect, definitive answer, but the truth is Wellness is your own personal feeling. It is being the best you can be in all areas of life, it is having no regrets & it is working towards your goal & feel empowered to do so. It is an inner peace that you are trying to achieve. It is a feeling of contentment with the areas of your life. So this is why, when you have Wellness coaching, we look at all areas of life.

Wellness is So Much More Than Physical

People assume that when we strive for Wellness we are specifically talking about physical health, getting to the gym, doing 10 push ups & yes, this is something we can assist with, however it is not what Wellness is solely about. It is about assisting you to achieve a work/life balance, to spend more time with the children, to regain motivation, assisting you to re-organise lifestyles & find an inner peace with your decisions.

There’s so much more to Wellness. We can be physically fit & miserable & so we never put an emphasis on that, however you could be miserable because you are at risk of a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease & need to increase your physical activity/level of fitness, & then Coaching can assist you in how to plan the goals you want to achieve & support you along the journey, as recommended by your Doctor.

Where to Begin With Wellness

Sometimes we don’t know where to start, take me for example, going back a fair bit of time I was overweight, had slipped a disc, had high BP, was stressed & anxious & a constant worrier. I woke one day & thought, if I continue down this path I will ultimately shorten my life, but I have the ability to do something about this & so my journey began.

I then looked at the areas that needed to change & started to think about how that could happen & what I needed to do to prepare for each area, ultimately working out a priority list. For example, I wouldn’t get to a gym without the mental ability to give myself motivation, therefore mental health & Mindfulness needed to come first.

A Wellness Journey & Developing New Habits

The process becomes a life journey & so it is a lifestyle you adopt, one you want to be part of, a journey you are proud to be taking. It is not about getting a quick fix, it is about saying ‘this is me’. It is about accepting that not everyone may like the changes & some people may question what you are doing, but ultimately the people who remain around you and support you, love & admire you for what you are doing. It is about being a person ‘you’ are proud of.

So how do you decide on a goal? Have a think about what you would like to change, for example: In an ideal world I…….

Then we need to look at what is potentially standing in your way & how you can work around it. Look at all areas of your life, physical, mental, spiritual & create a list of the desired changes for each area.


So how does the Health side come in? Health & Wellness work hand in hand, although many people haven’t heard of the term ‘Wellness’ & wonder about its meaning, where it originates from & if it’s a new fad? The term ‘Wellness’ has been around for many years, meaning a healthy balance of all areas of the body resulting in a feeling of Wellbeing.

Health is a huge factor in this, as finding the balance for many people means improving their Health. As we have mentioned there may be a chronic condition, or like for myself there may be something you are trying to overcome. In approaching all the areas in which I would like to see improved Wellness, this has in turn improved my overall health in those areas too.

There is a quote from Alice in Wonderland that says “I can’t go back to yesterday, I was a different person then”. When you have started your journey to Wellness this is such a true statement, & so if you are wondering if this is for you, think about what you’d like to change, but more importantly think about ‘why’ you’d like to change this & often that is the motivator that you need.

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