5 Natural Moisturisers for Your Green Beauty Routine

Here at The Essential Life, we're huge advocates of going green & living a sustainable lifestyle. We firmly believe in & support making responsible purchasing decisions with regards to the products we buy & consume & it's important to us that we share information with The Essential Life community that helps make living a natural & organic lifestyle a little easier.

Part of living a lifestyle that's closer to nature & free of chemicals that harm the environment & our health, is choosing chemical-free products. Nature has provided us with the nourishment necessary to not only sustain ourselves, but to thrive & live a life of abundance. With this is mind, it is worth noting that most all-natural swaps are actually much more affective than their chemical-laden alternatives. This is especially true with all-natural beauty products.

For the last couple of months, The Essential Life beauty team has been working tirelessly to investigate & test the best natural beauty products for each stage of your beauty routine. This has involved a lot of trial & error, a few allergic reactions (be sure to check a product's ingredient list) & one case of really embarrassing facial dandruff. We persevered, however, & came across some really incredible all-natural beauty products in the process.

To help you green-up your beauty routine, we'll be sharing our top-five lists for all-natural cleansers, moisturisers, serums, acne treatments, face masksfoundations, lip colours, mascara & deodorants. Next in our series is our pick for our five favourite all-natural moisturisers. Stay tuned to The Essential Life as we continue helping you choose natural beauty products so you can make the swap to a green beauty routine.

Our Top-Five Picks for Natural Moisturisers for Your Green Beauty Routine

Suntegrity 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen

Why We Love It: Suntegrity's 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen is the ultimate all-natural beauty hack that is perfect for any #LazyGirl beauty routine. It is perfect for any skin type & combines the power of  sun protection with an ultra-nourishing moisturiser. 

This tinted sunscreen doesn't stop there, though. In addition to offering sun protections & nourishment for thirsty, parched skin, it has all the benefits of a beauty balm (BB cream) built into it. You can even use this moisturiser as a foundation primer, or wear it alone as foundation.

Price: $45 USD


MV SkinCare's Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

Why We Love It: For anyone with sensitive skin, this moisturiser is a must-have. Made with the soothing & calming power of Rose Essential Oil, this all-natural moisturiser actively treats skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea & more.

As The Essential Life's beauty team embarked on our mission to bring you the best all-natural beauty products, we tried a product that left us itchy, uncomfortable &, in one case, with a rare form of dandruff of the face. Our experience with MV Skincare's Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser showed us that, if you ever find yourself with facial dandruff, this all-natural moisturiser has got your back. In just three days, our embarrassing facial dandruff was cleared right up.

Price: $135 USD


Josh Rosebrook's Nutrient Day Cream With SPF 30

Why We Love It: This super-moisturising day cream is loaded up with anti-inflammatory ingredients that work to calm your skin while intensive, all-natural moisturising agents rehydrate parched & overworked skin.

Also in this blend is the sun protecting power of zinc oxide. Traditionally, beauty products which include zinc can be difficult to blend into your skin. This blend, however, has made it super easy to blend & absorb into your skin so you can wear it all day, under your foundation or just on its own.

Price: $85 USD


Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturiser

Why We Love It: If you have dry skin this all-natural moisturiser is, hands-down, the best moisturiser for you. It's also great for overworked & over-processed skin that just needs a bit of a break. We found this moisturiser's texture was very similar to conventional moisturisers, yet was far more nourishing thanks to its long list of natural ingredients.

This moisturiser is made with 100% pure & organic jojoba oil. If you're new to The Essential Life, you might not know how much we LOVE jojoba oil, especially when it comes to skincare. Why do we love jojoba oil so much? Simply put, this natural skincare wunderkind mirrors our skins own natural oils which means using it does not interfere with our natural oil barrier. Jojoba oil doesn't over-moisturiser your skin nor does it strip your skin's natural oils away so it won't stimulate further oil production.

Price: $75 USD


Pai Skincare Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream

Why We Love It:  This all-natural day cream has a lot going for it. It is made with all-natural & 100% organic ingredients, including Geranium Essential Oil, which is one reason we're obsessed with it. What's even better than a skincare product made with Geranium Essential Oil? A moisturiser that is PERFECT for combination skin.

If you have combination skin, you know the struggle to find a moisturiser is real! Ultra-nourishing moisturisers leave the oily sections of your skin with clogged pores & blemishes. Oil-free moisturisers leave the dry areas of your face parched & peeling. If this story is familiar to you, Pai Skincare's Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream is perfect for you. It soothes & hydrates combination skin to leave you with a glowing & luminous complexion.

Price: $60 USD


Stay tuned as we continue to share the best all-natural swaps to green-up your beauty routine. If you have a favourite all-natural beauty product, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at info@TheEssentialLife.org & let us know all about the natural beauty products you use in your beauty routine, or make yourself heard in the comments.

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