3 Areas of Your Life That Fitness & Exercise Will Improve

We all know that fitness & exercises are good for our health. That is undoubtedly a fact.

In the last decades, mankind has struggling with the insidious obesity. It is a result of comfortable, sedentary life & junk foods.

The human body is not created for this lifestyle. Even worse is that not only your physical but also your mental health is suffering from it. On the other hand, this leads to imbalance in all parts of your life.

You are about to read how, through fitness & exercises, you can easily improve the 3 most significant areas of your life. So keep reading & you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Warning: If you are not ready to part with the depressed, lazy, rolling on the couch “you”, if you are not ready to drastically improve your physical & mental health, your career, marriage or relationship with your partner, then you better stop here.

But, if you sense that you need motivation & a little push keep scrolling down.

How Fitness & Exercise Will Improve Your Life

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Physical & Mental Health

Health is certainly the most important area of one’s life. For that reason I’ve placed it as first from the aspects fitness, exercises & healthy lifestyle will improve.

The modern, urban man leads a sedentary way of life with almost entire lack of physical activity.

You wake up in the morning & you can barely open your eyes. You are tired, sleepy, nervous & having that strange feeling of anger as if you hate the whole world.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed but if that happens systematically to you… Hmm, there’s something odd which needs urgent change, my friend.

If you recognise yourself in the above lines I bet you are wondering what change do you need & how the hell you can achieve it to improve your lifestyle.

Well, you are at the right place, so keep reading & you’ll find out.

What you need is Fitness, or more precisely, any kind of physical activity. Pretty simple but vital approach.

So see below how exactly fitness will improve your physical & mental health:

You’ll battle stress & overcome depression

Stress & depression can quickly lead you to deeper mental disabilities. Exercising is one of the best approaches to conquer these states of the mind.

Fitness will battle accumulated anger, stress, anxiety, & tension by making you feel upbeat. All happens thanks to one hormone called Endorphin. It’s stimulated & released through physical activity.

It’ll improve the quality of your sleep

Good night’s sleep is the base of everything.

Exercises will help you regain the natural rhythm of your organism. As your body needs time to rest after being active, this way you’ll get a healthy, peaceful sleep.

You’ll fight the unhealthy food habits

As your car needs quality fuel so the engine can work properly, so does your body - “Eat to fuel your body, not your emotions!"

Exercising will tire you out & you’ll need healthy foods for faster recovery. These are foods rich in protein, fiber, & fats, vegetables, etc.

By eating junk food you do nothing but denying your organism the fuel it needs. In short, there is no compatibility between fitness & unhealthy diet.

You’ll become self-confident

What is one thing we all want? Of course, to look good!

To be able to put whatever clothes you wish, to feel good in your own skin, be thin, healthy, happy, & properly nourished - you guessed it! Again fitness is the answer.

You’ll be toned & energetic

Contrary to common belief that exercising will exhaust & drain your energy out, regular workouts will give you much more stamina & strength. You’ll be energetic during the whole day!

Your heart health will improve

Regular exercising keeps the heart healthy & strengthens its muscles.

Through fitness, you can control cholesterol levels in your blood which decreases high blood pressure.

It will reduce the risk of injuries 

As I mentioned above, when you exercise daily your muscles & bones become stronger. This means you will be more likely to protect yourself from future injuries.

It’s necessary that I make a side note here & let you know that having healthy bones also reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

It will protect you from many diseases

Arthritis, high blood pressure, back pain, same types of deadly cancer & many others. These are just a small fraction of all diseases you can get by leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

There are experiments showing that regular workouts reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

With regular physical activity & healthy diet you will drastically reduce the chances of these diseases affecting you.

It’ll increase your libido

The blood circulation system is best stimulated by any type of physical activity. Through exercising you will urge hormones production in your organism.

It’s scientifically proven that in men working out drastically & rapidly increases testosterone levels. So that would directly & positively affect your & your partner’s sex drive.

As a start, try to visit the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week. You can also go for a jog at the nearest stadium or park. But bear in mind that weight training will sustain your muscles toned & vascularised.

There will be days, though, when you really don’t seem like going to the gym. Well, you can do some exercises at home. There are hundreds that will keep you in shape.

By making fitness & exercising a priority & thus before you realise it you’ll have developed a new habit.

Now that you know how to improve both your physical & mental health, you have no excuses but to start with small steps immediately! 

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Business & Career

The next area of life which we so vigorously strive for is our career & business or simply said - our job.

Picture the following: Let’s take two teams of professionals & put them to the test.

Both teams have an equal number of team members. They are given the same task, resources & time to effectively realise the project.

So, everything seems comparable, yet, there is one small difference.

In one of the teams, all participants are actively engaged in sports & eat a balanced diet. In the other one, the team members are not physically active & they make unhealthy food choices.

Which one will be the winner - I’m more than sure that team “active” will win, aren’t you? This is because they own qualities that fitness & exercising give them to climb faster up the career ladder. 

Look now at the advantages below & take notes:

You’ll become more confident 

There is one unwritten rule that states to learn & succeed in something new, you need to go outside your comfort zone.

By working out daily that’s exactly what you are doing. You are getting your body outside it’s comfort zone & you are forcing it to get used to difficulties. This in turn strengthens your psyche as well. 

That’s why fitness is one the most effective ways to toughen your mind & build steel confidence that will help you make decisions easier.

It’ll give you more energy

Be prepared for toned muscles & energy bursts when you exercise regularly.

With more energy you will be able to cope with work or business challenges in your everyday life.

You’ll be able to organize your time more efficiently

You are now probably wondering how working out will help you become more organised? Take my answer as an advice.

When you start your workout let’s say you spare an hour. During that hour you try to do certain amount of work (exercises) & by doing this often, you are perfecting yourself. Next time you’ll do more reps or you’ll run a greater distance in less time.

In other words, you’ll become more productive which will lead to organizing your time more efficiently.

It’ll improve your concentration & productivity

It’s proven that physical activities boost the mood & fight stress. You feel happier & that’s a must for better productivity & high team spirit in the office.

Through fitness you’ll also improve your results & ability to concentrate.

You’ll become more influential

All advantages that fitness & exercising can give you will also help you get through tough times.

Whether career change, request for promotion, or even starting your own business, by getting through the challenges life throws at you, you get stronger. You can be an example for others around you & encourage them to follow you.

You’ll gain influence over people. 

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Last, but definitely not least, I’ve put the aspect of our lives that affects relationships.

Whether marriage, business partner or a friend, as for everything else in life, you should work hard to keep those relationships steady.

But why’s that so important? We as humans are social creatures & need communication to survive. We all have friends, relatives, colleagues, & feel bad when something goes wrong, right?For that reason, it’s essential to “upgrade” our relationships not only to make ourselves feel good but to bring joy to someone else.

Now take a look how you can improve your relationships through fitness & exercising.

It’ll improve your marriage & romantic relationships

Once again I’d like to note that fitness will make you happier & it will fight off stress. That means more quality time with your partner.

With exercises, you’ll improve your looks which in turn will boost your confidence.

Be sure that your partner will notice this change which can give your relationship a new stimulus.

But shhh, I’ll tell you a secret… All of the above will also lead to increased libido. So, better expect some peaks in your sex life!

It’ll improve your relationships with business partners & colleagues

Most companies like to invest in so-called “team building” events.

Such experience in most cases includes various activities where all team members take part. Most of the time it’s some sort of a physical activity like games, sports, competitions.

All weekend spend in such atmosphere, outside of the office, will strengthen your relationship with your colleagues.

Do an experiment. If you have any misunderstandings with a colleague simply go together to exercise. I can guarantee afterwards your relationship with them will be healthier.

More friends - surround yourself with people thinking the same way you do

When you go the gym all people there have the same purpose - improving their health & body. There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with humans that share the same goal. Exercising will bring you closer to many such people having the same purpose. & be sure - that will definitely lead to great new friendships, & why not romantic relationships.

Fitness & exercising gave me a lot in all those years of workouts. It absolutely changed all aspects of my life to the point where I decided to share it with the rest of the world.

Fitness can improve not solely those 3 areas of your life but everything else in you. If you’d like to reward yourself you have to immediately start working out. In the end, no one likes lazybones sitting on the couch the whole day while eating chips & popcorn with the remote in hand.

The responsibility is yours. It’s up to you what you want to be - depressed or always smiling person surrounded by happy people!

Which aspect of your life has been changed by fitness? 


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About The Author - Valentin Simeonov

Valentin is a health & fitness enthusiast. He is also one of the founders of VS Health & Fitness.