How Starting My Own Business Made me a Better Parent

When my son was five his dad & I split up.

Although our separation was, for the most part, amicable, it left me with a full time job, one year down on my part-time Master’s degree & not to mention the primary carer of a child.

As a Single Mother, Starting my Own Business was the Best Decision I Ever Made

Feeling Guilt as a Single Parent

For the next three years I worked full time, although I did have a career change & I did start a new job I was always in the same place of experiencing guilt about not having the time to do ‘fun’ things with my son. Instead we were on a structured routine of before school care drop-offs, after school care pick-ups followed promptly by dinner, bath, homework, reading & then bedtime. Our time together was gone just like that for another day.

I thought a lot about my career & achieving success through work, I was always striving to be better at whatever it was I was doing, whether it was going after a promotion or finding a newer, better job. When I changed my job & fell in with a group of other high achieving, career focused individuals, however, I noticed their attitude toward me was almost shaped by pity. In their eyes, I was experiencing some sort of setback in my life due to being a single mum & also trying to finish my masters while working a demanding, full-time job.

Being a single parent is NOT a setback

In my experience, being a single parent made me strive for a better life as I wasn’t just looking after myself but I am responsible for the life of someone else. I soon finished my Master’s degree, realised I was working too hard for people that really didn’t appreciate me & I decided to start my own business.

Starting my own business was an idea I had toyed with for a long time, lacking the confidence to really give it a go always held me back. However, from the experiences of single parenting I can say it comes with a wealth of skills that do well in entrepreneurship such as: creative thinking, multitasking, budgeting, & problem-solving to say the least!

Another driving factor to being my own boss was seeking out the allusive work-life-balance. The last few years had been all work & no play. Between the studying & holding down full-time employment & being the primary carer for my lovely son. I was now ready to be one of those people who are there waiting for their child as the bell goes at 3:30pm.

Providing a Better Life for MY Son

I decided to move on from where I was living to be closer to family & also the beach! We moved, my son started a new school & was so well adjusted & mature about everything. We had virtually no issues. I Started doing some freelance work which eventually grew into more & I was able to take control of the type of work I was doing & when I would do it.

Today I run my own boutique digital marketing agency & enjoy the freedom to set my own schedule, what’s better is I can pick my son up from school every day – when the bell goes I am there waiting – & we enjoy a healthy work-life-balance where the words ‘hurry up’ or ‘we are going to be late’ rarely make an appearance. 

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