A How-To guide to Treating muscle strains Naturally

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Every month we choose one of our favourite oils as The Essential Oil of the Month. We make this oil the focus of our blog & social media to keep you informed & help you get the most from every drop of Essential oil. This month we are focusing on Spruce Essential Oil. Spruce Oil comes from many different varieties of Spruce tree, with not all having the same therapeutic benefits. This is why it is vital to only purchase Essential Oils from trusted & reputable suppliers, to ensure you are receiving oils of the highest purity & quality.

How to TReat Muscle Strains Naturally With Spruce Essential Oil

The Healing Power of Spruce Essential Oil

When your muscles are sore & stiff from exertion don’t suffer in silence or turn to chemical analgesics packed with artificial ingredients. Instead look to nature to provide a natural, healthy alternative. Spruce Oil acts as a natural topical analgesic when applied to the skin, & reduces pain by treating inflammation. Spruce Oil also also stimulates blood flow to muscle tissue which expedites the healing process. Spruce Essential Oil also naturally contains compounds which are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, & antiseptic. When added to a carrier oil Spruce Essential Oil makes a fantastic massage oil that reduces inflammation in the muscles directly, & has the added aromatherapy benefits of being calming & boosting the immune system.

Spruce Essential Massage Oil Recipe  

Add 5 drops of Spruce Essential Oil to a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil

Massage into the affected area twice daily, or use during regular massage. This recipe not only helps relieve pain & reduce inflammation but also has a wonderful fresh scent.

Added Benefits of Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce Essential Oil has many added health benefits beyond pain relief. The oil contains natural polycyclic terpenoid compounds which have a tonic effect on the bodies immune system. These compounds affect the adrenal, pituitary & thyroid glands & moderate the body's production of hormones, which encourages a state of healthy equilibrium within the endocrine system. Spruce oil’s encouragement of hormonal production in the adrenal gland makes it helpful in treating chronic lethargy, & Black Spruce Oil is useful in the treatment of hyperthyroidism due to it’s ability to mimic cortisone & control the thyroid gland’s hormonal production.

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