All About Oil Pulling

As a concept, oil pulling might sound like a strange practice - the idea of putting a lump of coconut oil into your mouth, letting it melt & then swishing it around might even seem absurd. In fact the notion that this practice can not only whiten your teeth, but can also drastically improve your health in a myriad of ways is almost unbelievable, but there is mounting evidence that this Natural Wellness practise can live up to these claims. 

Some of the Natural Wellness claims that have been made about oil pulling include: strengthening your jaw & healing TMJ issues; preventing halitoses; relieving headaches, migraines & hangovers; helping with insomnia & other sleep disorders; all-over body detoxification; helping to clear skin & cure acne; & balancing your hormones, especially during PMS or menopause. This, of course, is in addition to naturally whitening your teeth. 

With all of the health claims surrounding the Natural Wellness wunderkind that is oil pulling, we wanted to take a look at this ancient Ayurvedic practice & find out, what exactly is oil pulling?

Oil Pulling is The Natural Wellness Trend You Need to Know About

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient practice whose roots can be traced back more than 3,000 years to India where Ayurvedic practitioners used oil pulling to treat imbalances of various "doshas". In ancient India, Ayurvedic practitioners typically prescribed gargling with sesame oil to treat various ailments including pain & inflammation of the mouth. 

Today, oil pulling is typically done with coconut oil as this oil has natural properties which are beneficial to your health. The process involves swishing or gargling with the oil for 5-20 minutes. As you push the oil through your teeth, the oil bonds with the bacteria, fungus, viruses & other debris in your mouth & once you spit the oil out, the bacteria is expelled from your mouth. 

Why Try Oil Pulling?

The entire Natural Wellness movement is fuelled by the desire to move away from the use of harmful chemicals in your day-to-day life. Studies have, time & again, shown that many of the chemicals that we have been using in & around our bodies for decades are harmful. So harmful that they have contributed to the drastic increase in life-threatening diseases such as cancer, as well as autoimmune disorders, infertility & many other conditions. 

When it comes to whitening your teeth, typical whitening products like bleach or peroxide are carcinogenic. What this means is that, over time, these substances build up in our bodies & can lead to malignant tumours. Oil pulling with coconut oil is a natural alternative to the harmful chemicals found in other whitening products.

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