9 Ways to Be Mindful Right Now

Practicing Mindfulness to centre yourself & bring about contentment does not have to be left for your morning Meditation. Instead, there are ways that you can lie present in the moment, right this moment by incorporating Mindfulness into your day-to-day life. These 10 tips are meant to help you bring Mindfulness into all areas of your life. Whether you are at work, taking the dog for a walk or watching television at home, these Mindfulness tips can bring about content in the present moment where ever you are & whatever you are doing.

How to be Mindful Right now

Take a moment to focus on your breathing

There will be moments throughout the day where you feel discomfort or stress. In those moments, take the time to pay close attention to your breathing. If you're sitting at your desk, or in bumper-to-bumper traffic, let your mind focus on the rise & fall of your belly as you inhale. This will help to focus & clear your mind.

Pay close attention to your actions

Taking the time to focus your mind on the minutiae of your movements & every action you are taking, whether that is your regular morning walk or cooking dinner for your family, will help you focus on the exact moment as you live in it. 

Appreciate movement

Mindful Walking is one of our favourite ways you centre ourselves & to experience contentment in the present moment. To practice Mindfulness while you walk, focus on your body's movement as well as the shifting of your weight & the sensations your body's natural movements bring about in your feet.

Take time out to be still

In Western society, we can become busy. Sometimes we are so busy we don't have a moment to just sit back & enjoy a moment where our attention isn't being pulled in multiple directions at the same time. It is important to take time out each day to essentially do nothing. We call this a Mindful Moment. A Mindful Moment can be literally just one single minute where you sit on the couch & don't focus on anything, not the television, not a book, just let yourself be.

Refocus your mind

When you are practicing Mindfulness in your day-to-day life, it is inevitable that your mind will wander. If you're sitting at your desk at work, for example, your mind might start to focus on an impending deadline or a task that needs to be completed. When your mind starts to wander like this, force it focus on your breathing. 

Recognise thoughts for what they are

Thoughts are little more than thoughts in your head. Sometimes we give our thoughts too much power in our day-to-day life & that leads to worrying about the future or frustration about something that MIGHT happen. Don't give your thoughts to much power over your life. Instead, train yourself to recognise thoughts for exactly what they are & when you find yourself placing too much importance on your worried or anxious thoughts, consciously force those thoughts out of your mind. The more you consciously banish anxious thoughts, the more you'll train your mind not to go in that direction.

Practice listening

Most of us like to think of ourselves as good listeners, after all, we're always there when our friends or family need us. If we're honest with ourselves, however, many of us aren't very good at listening without judgement. Part of Mindfulness is not being judgemental. When you find yourself being judgemental about something your friend, your child or anyone else is telling you, force the judgement out of your mind. 

Be aware of the moments where you zone out

Zoning out tends to be a pattern that many people develop & the times when we "zone out" usually take place while we do a particular activity. This might occur in your car on your way to work, while you're making dinner or while you're writing e-mails. Pay careful attention to the times where you zone out & work to correct those moments with Mindfulness. For example, if you find yourself losing focus while you write e-mails at work, focus your attention on your keystrokes. Allow your mind to process the way that they keys feel on your finger tips & the sound of your tapping on the keyboard. This will help you be Mindful & conscious in the moment.

Take time out with nature

In our opinion, there is no better time to practice Mindfulness than when you are out in nature. A wilderness walk is a great to time focus on the enormity of the world & then to narrow your thinking to the minutiae of your place in such a large & grand thing.

These are just a few of our favourite ways to be Mindful & present throughout our day. Stay tuned to The Essential Life as we continue sharing information for being more Mindful, content & happy.

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