5 Powerful Ways Mindfulness Will Improve Your Life

Here at The Essential Life, we are big believers in the practice of Mindfulness. We will be sharing tips on how to become more Mindful, how to practice Mindfulness in everyday life & so much more. We believe that the practice of Mindfulness offers a path to contentment & is a worthwhile Wellness practice that will dramatically improve your day-to-day life. We hope that you will join us on our journey of living Mindfully.

How Mindfulness Will Improve Your Life

Relieve Anxiety, Stress & Worry

Practicing Mindfulness means focusing on the here & now. It means living in the present moment. Mindfulness is about not looking back & dwelling on the past & it also means not looking ahead into the future to worry about what could or might happen. 

Too often, we spend our time looking ahead at what the future holds with trepidation & we worry about what might come to pass. Dwelling in this sort of negative thinking is what leads us to experiencing stress, anxiety & worry. In the moments when you find yourself looking ahead & thinking of negative things that might occur, take time out of your day to Meditate & refocus your energy on experiencing the contentment of now.

Improve Relationships & Communication

A lot of how we interact with one another is dictated by reactions. Reactionary communication tends to lead to saying things that you don't mean or wouldn't have said had you taken the time to think things through. Quite often, reactionary communication is based around the negativity in our minds rather than events that have taken place.

An example of this might be if you've had a particularly bad day, you might walk in the door & think "I bet my partner didn't scoop the cat litter like he was supposed to". Whether your partner has or has not done their chores, this negative narrative in your head already puts you in an aggressive mood which leaves you prone to lashing out.

Mindfulness teaches you to control your mental narrative & to focus on things as they happen rather than allowing negativity into your mindset by thinking ahead of what might have happened.

Become a Better Parent

A large part of Mindfulness is engaging in the present moment. As a parent, there are a number of things that we carry on our backs & into communication & interactions with our children. Perhaps we have a particularly stressful job that places large demands on our time. If we allow that job to seep into our relationship with our children, it prevents us from properly engaging with our children.

Mindfulness teaches us that the most important thing is a moment in time as it happens. That means, if you are taking the time to tuck your kids into bed, leave your stress or work troubles at the door & just enjoy being in that exact moment with your children. Engaging with your children in this way helps to foster a stronger bond between you & them.

Ease Chronic Pain

More & more studies are showing the affect that relaxation has on easing chronic pain. Mindful Meditation reduces stress which thereby helps to make pain more manageable.

Mindful Eating

The practice of Mindful Eating teaches us to be present in every moment throughout an entire meal. This means appreciating the company you are with, the smell of the food, the feel of the cutlery as you pick it up in your hands. As you eat your food, take the time to enjoy its texture & its taste.

By being present in the moment & appreciating every aspect of your meal, Mindful Eating reduces overeating. Mindfulness also helps you to control the emotions that lead to binges for emotional eaters & stops boredom from being a motivating factor when it comes to eating.

These are just a few of the ways that Mindfulness will help to improve your life. In focusing your attention on right now, Mindfulness eliminates the confusion that can come from trying to make sense out of our pasts & it prevents us from creating stress by worrying about our future. To learn more about the practice of Mindfulness & how it can improve your life, stay tuned The Essential Life. We have a lot more information about practicing Mindfulness to share.

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