Using Old Socks to Make Dyer Balls

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In the pursuit to reduce the number of harmful chemicals I am exposed to in day-to-day life, I did a lot of research on what products are most harmful that could easily be eliminated.  I was surprised to find that dryer sheets were something I used quite often that seemed so benign to me, yet had some dangerous additives.

For more information on the chemicals in dryer sheets, this article was one that I found informative whose information held up to further research. 

Once I made the decision to quit dryer sheets, I began research (mostly trial & error) on what natural products I could replace them with.  What I came up with was an easy way to create "dryer balls" at home.

How to Make Your Own Dryer Balls

All you will need to make your own dryer balls are a few old socks, safety pins, & the Essential Oils of your choosing.

1: Lay your sock flat, then fold it in half.  With the sock folded in half, turn it inside out.

2: Lay your folded sock flat, & fold it in half again & then turn it inside out.  You should be left with a small bundle.

3: Using a safety pin, pin the cuff of the sock closed & attach it to the toe of the sock so that it does not come apart in the dryer.

4: Poke your finger inside the bottom of your sock bundle to make a sort of cup.  

5: Drip up to 12 drops of your favourite Essential Oils into the cup you created. Do this each time you use your Dryer Ball.

6: Toss your sock into the dryer with you clothing.

You may find after a few uses your Dryer Ball does not absorb all 12 drops of Essential Oils.  Once this happens, lessen the number of drops of oil you are using.  Additionally, once your sock becomes hard to the touch, it will no longer be effective & should be discarded.

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