Wintergreen essential oil: relieving & repairing

I'm really excited to share this blog with The Essential Life community. Wintergreen is one of my absolute favourite Essential Oils & I'm super happy to be able to share this powerful Essential Oil with you! Admittedly, Wintergreen isn't my go-to oil when it comes to creating beautiful aromas. It does have a very distinct & minty aroma, which I enjoy for its freshness, but in a diffuser, for example, Wintergreen tends to overpower other Essential Oils.

So, why do I LOVE Wintergreen Essential Oil so much? In my opinion, & my experience, it is virtually unmatched when it comes to treating pain.

As someone who has been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis since I was 19-years-old, finding an all-natural product that actually worked for pain relief, was nothing short of a miracle. Wintergreen effectively alleviates pain & I can't get enough of it! When I'm struggling with an arthritis flair-up, I use a blend of 30 drops Wintergreen & 20 drops Ginger Essential Oil. I've added this mixture to coconut oil to create a lotion which I use in the evenings I massage this mixture into my swollen & achey joints &, when I wake up in the morning, I wake up refreshed & free of swelling & stiffness.

How to Use Wintergreen Essential Oil 

Wintergreen Essential Oil is a pinkish Essential Oil which is steam distilled from the leaves & berries of the wintergreen plant. The aroma of this oil is a strong middle note which blends well with Peppermint, Ylang Ylang & Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils. It also blends well with Vanilla. While many people have very strong reactions to Wintergreen's equally strong aroma, I can't get enough of this oil around Christmas time. I absolutely love diffusing it in Christmas tree blends. I like to diffuser Cypress, Spruce, Pine & Balsam Essential Oils with a few drops of Wintergreen to add a crispness to the scent which is reminiscent of the cool winter air.

In addition to filling me & my home with the Spirit of Christmas, diffusing Wintergreen Essential Oil is also a great way to calm nerves & anxiety. The crisp aroma or Wintergreen relieves stress & dissolves tension, &, if you're looking for a similar oil, this powerful Essential Oil is very similar to Sweet Birch Essential Oil both in chemical composition & aroma. 

How to Use Wintergreen Essential Oil

-Wintergreen Essential Oil is most commonly used to relieve pain. For Arthritis sufferers, massage 1-3 drops of Wintergreen into swollen joints.

-When diluted into a carrier oil, Wintergreen can be a very effective acne treatment.  Try diluting 2 drops of Wintergreen into one tablespoon of carrier oil. For acne-prone skin, The Essential Life recommends using either jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil. Massage the mixture into you skin before bed. 

-Mixing 5-10 drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil into 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar creates a powerful treatment for dandruff. Massage this mixture onto your scalp & let it is sit for 5-10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wash your hair as your normal would with shampoo.

-Wintergreen Essential Oil is a very effective way to treat frozen shoulder which is a condition that occurs when the shoulder capsule thickens & tightens. Frozen shoulder can be an extremely painful condition & severely reduces the mobility of the shoulder. Dilute 20-30 drops of Wintergreen Oil into your favourite carrier oil & massage the mixture onto your shoulder as needed throughout the day. 

-For inflammation, massage a few drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil into the reflex points of your feet before bed. You can also massage a few drops of oil into specific areas of swelling & inflammation throughout the day.

-Wintergreen Essential Oil can relieve muscle pain & fatigue as well. Just dilute 20-30 drops of Wintergreen into coconut oil, & use as a massage oil for tired & achy muscles. You can also apply this mixture before you hit the gym to prevent muscle strain.

-For those seeking added muscle tone & definition, Wintergreen Essential Oil can help. Massaging this oil into your muscles, in conjunction with excise, will increase muscle growth by encouraging blood flow to your muscles & preventing muscle strain & injury.

-For pain caused from injuries, massaging 1-3 drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil onto the affected area will help stop the pain quickly.

-When you've got an upset tummy, massaging a few drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil on your abdomen will help. This is also an effective way of reducing bloating & treating flatulence. 

-Wintergreen Essential Oil has also been proven highly effective in reducing the pain associated with tension headaches & migraines. Massage a single drop of oil onto your temples using your index fingers. Whenever you are applying Essential Oils to your face & temples, be careful not to get any of the oil in your eyes.

-Diffusing Wintergreen Essential Oil in your home will improve mental alertness! It also acts as a natural antidepressant & will reduce feelings of stress & anxiety. One of my favourite diffuser blends is:

  • 7 drops - Wintergreen Essential Oil

  • 5 drops - Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • 2 drops - Lavender Essential Oil

-For painful bone spurs, apply 1-3 drops of Wintergreen Essential Oil to the affected area & massage. Repeat this 2-3 time each day.

-If you suffer with hypertension Wintergreen Essential Oil will help. Simply massage 1-3 drops of the oil onto the bottoms of your feet each night before bed. You can also massage this oil directly onto your shoulders as needed throughout the day.

What is your favourite use for Wintergreen Essential Oil? Let us know in the comments.

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