Tea tree essential oil: purifying & healing

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the mostly widely used Essential Oils, & its uses are extremely varied. The oil comes from the steam distillation of the Melaleuca tree which is native to Australia. The oil is typically clear in colour & has a very strong medicinal odour.

The healing power of Tea Tree Oil has lead to it being touted as a "medicine cabinet in a bottle". It has anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. Tea Tree has also been shown to boost the immune system, & is a helpful astringent for oily skin (like, REALLY effective for oily & acne-prone skin). It is also a useful household cleaner, especially when blended with a fresh-smelling citrus Essential Oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skincare

For oily skin, Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used, undiluted, directly on your skin.  Dab a cotton ball with a few drops of oil & use on acne-affected areas, or the oiliest areas of you skin.  For sensitive skin, try diluting the Tea Tree into a jojoba carrier oil, or graspeed oil.  

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil For Cuts & Scrapes

Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic, rub a few drops into cuts, minor burns, or abrasions, to prevent infection.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil to Prevent Colds & Flus

Diffusing Tea Tree Essential Oil in your home during cold & flu season can help keep your household free of germs & keep illnesses at bay.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil To Treat Chest Congestion

Diffusing Tea Tree Oil can also help to loosen chest congestion.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil to Get Rid of or prevent Lice

Adding Tea Tree to your shampoo can prevent the spread of lice.  If you are trying to get rid of an existing lice infestation, blend Tea Tree Essential Oil with Lavender Essential Oil & add roughly 40-60 drops of the blend to your shampoo.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil as a Natural Deodorant

Diluting Tea Tree Essential Oil into a carrier oil such a coconut oil or olive oil & adding it to your bath can reduce the smell of persistent body odour.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil to Treat Minor Burns

Diluting Tea Tree into a nourishing carrier oil such as Coconut oil & then applying it to a sun burn will help with pain & itchiness. Tea Tree Essential Oil will also help your burn heal faster.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil To Creat an all-Natural Surface Cleaner

You can create an all-purpose surface cleaner for your home by combining water, rubbing alcohol, & Tea Tree Essential Oil in a spray bottle.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil to Clean Your Laundry

Tea Tree Essential Oil can be added to your laundry to help rid your clothing of tough odours & stains. This is especially useful for gym & sporting attire.

Use Tea Tree essential Oil to Get Rid of MoulD

Mixing Tea Tree with water in a spray bottle is an affective way of getting rid of mould.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil Repel Insects

Diffusing Tea Tree Oil in the backyard is a very effective insect repellant. You can also mix it with water & spray it directly onto the skin to keep bugs from biting. For a more potent mixture, add Lavender Essential Oil.

Use Tea Tree Essential Oil for Inflammation

Tea Tree Oil can be added to skin creams, diluted into a carrier oil, or applied directly to your skin if you have any kind of skin inflammation such as eczema or dermatitis.  The oil will keep infections out, help to relieve itchiness, & speed up the healing process.

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