Lavender 101: How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most versatile of all Essential Oils & it's subtle scent makes it the favourite oil for a lot of dabblers in aromatherapy. While Lavender Essential Oil is a floral, it blends well with TONS of other Essential Oils, including citruses, conifers, & anything from the mint family, making it a popular scent for both men & women.

The therapeutic properties of Lavender Essential Oil are plentiful!...Seriously, pretty much any ailment you will ever have is treatable with Lavender Essential Oil. It is commonly used to gently calm & relax the mind, it is a natural antiseptic, making it a must-have in any first-aid kit, it is excellent for your skin as it helps heal dermal ailments while reducing scarring & Lavender Essential Oil helps relieve stress, alleviates pain, & is one of the safest Essential Oils to use. Is there anything that Lavender Essential Oil can't do? We don't think so!

For Essential Oil beginners, Lavender is a great starting point, not only because of the safety of it gentleness, but also because of the vastness of it's healing potential. For most skin types, it is safe to use Lavender Essential Oil directly on your skin without diluting it. That being said, we definitely recommend you do a skin test first &, no matter what Essential Oil you have, NEVER, ever use any Essential Oil on a child or pet...EVER!

Essential Oils 101 

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Calm Anxiety

To help calm your nerves, place 2-3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in your hands, hold them to your face & Inhale deeply. You can also rub a few drops of oil into the bottoms of your feet, your temples, & the insides of your wrists.  

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Prepare For Sleep

Before bed, you can help relax your mind & prepare your body for sleep by putting a few drops of oil in your hands, cupping them to your face & inhaling deeply. Additionally, put a few drops of oil into the palms of your hands, & rub them on your pillow to help you sleep through the night.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Stop Bug Bites From Itching

Lavender Essential Oil relieves itching. If you have a bug bite, or a bee sting, simply rub a drop of oil into the bite. Itch relief is almost instantaneous.  

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Treat Minor Burns

For minor burns, rub 3-4 drops of Lavender onto your skin. Lavender Essential Oil will help relieve the pain & will aid in the skin's natural healing process. Using Lavender for burns also prevents scarring. Be careful, however, not to apply any Essential Oil to broken skin.

Use Lavender Essential Oil for Skin conditions

For sufferers of eczema or dermatitis, mix Lavender Essential Oil into a natural carrier oil, we LOVE coconut oil, & apply to the affected area of the skin. When blending Essential Oils, start with just a few drops & add more oil to achieve your desired concentration of Essential Oils.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Treat Nausia

When you're feeling nauseated, placing a single drop of Lavender on the end of your tongue will help calm your stomach.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Stop a Nose Bleed

Lavender Essential Oil can aid in stopping a nosebleed.  To do this, place a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil onto a tissue, wrap it around a small piece of ice, & then place it between your upper lip & gum line.  

Use Lavender Essential Oil For Dry Skin

For dry, cracked skin, rub a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil into the affected area. This will help promote healing & relieve itching. This works really well for treating sunburns as well.

Use Lavender Essential Oil for Chapped Lips

For chapped lips, place a single drop of Lavender Oil onto the tip of your finger & rub it into your lips.

Use Lavender Essential Oil for Allergies

During pollen season, carry a small bottle of Lavender Essential Oil with you. When hay fever symptoms flare-up, place a few drops of Lavender on your palms & inhale deeply. This will help with dry, itchy eyes, runny noses, & blocked sinuses.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to get rid of Dandruff

For dandruff sufferers, massage 5-10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into your scalp to relieve itching, heal your skin, & get rid of embarrassing dandruff. Do this 2-3 times per week for frequently dry scalps. When you apply Lavender Essential Oil to your scalp, it can be left on until the next time you shampoo your hair.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to Treat Cold Sores

Lavender can also speed up the healing of cold sores. Simply place a single drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your cold sore in the morning, & again at night, until it heals.

Use Lavender Essential Oil to add Flavour

A drop of Lavender Oil can be added to a glass of water, a cup of tea, or any recipe to enhance the flavour.

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The uses of Lavender Essential Oil are numerous.  As a bonus, this oil also smells amazing, it's a lot of fun to experiment with in blends, & to use to scent your home.

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