How To Purchase Essential Oils

When doing research into the quality of Essential Oils, something you will come across, time & again, is the use of terms such as "therapeutic grade Essential Oils", "aromatherapy grade Essential Oils", or even "food grade Essential Oils", among other supposed co-called "grades" or measurements of quality. On the surface, these terms seem to denote the quality of the Essential Oils you are purchasing, but these terms are actually extremely misleading. To learn the truth about the purity & quality of Essential Oils, read on...

The reality of "grading" Essential Oils is that there is no-such grading system. There is no real agency or government bodies that regulate the quality of Essential Oils, & there is no formally approved grading standard for Essential where do these terms come from?

The Truth about Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

What are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

The term "therapeutic grade" has been tossed around so much in the aromatherapy community, it must mean something, right? When we talk about the highest quality Essential Oils, we often hear the highest quality Essential Oils referred to as "therapeutic grade Essential Oils". This is actually an ingenious trick of a team of marketers who work for DoTerra. Since its inceptions, the term "therapeutic grade" has becomes little more than a marketing gimmick used by many reputable brands of Essential Oils. It was first coined by the popular Essential Oil retailer, DoTerra, as a way of setting their Essential Oils apart from their competitors. Shocking, right? Too hard to believe? Therapeutic Grade is, in actuality, a registered trademark of DoTerra. 

Having said all of that, it would be hard to believe Essential Oil retailers are trying to dupe consumers in anyway. Rather, "therapeutic grade" seems to have been adopted as a means of explaining the purity of a sellers oils, & that the oils were sourced with the highest of quality in mind. 

What This Means for the Consumer

While most Essential Oil retailers aren't using the term "therapeutic grade" to dupe consumers, something important to bear in mind is that any company can claim their Essential Oils are "therapeutic grade". This says nothing about the quality of their oils. Rather than looking for company who makes this claim, there are several key indicators to look for to ensure you are getting high quality Essential Oils:

Firstly, watch for words & phrases such as "nature identical oils", "perfume oils" or "fragrance oils". A number of retailers create synthetic oils & stamp them as aromatherapy products. While synthetic oils might smell similar to Essential Oils, they do not have the same healing benefits.

Essential Oils can be quite volatile. For this reason the packaging of the oils you purchase is important. Most Essential Oils will react with plastic so when purchasing pure Essential Oils look for ones in glass containers. On the same note, ALL Essential Oils are light sensitive, especially citrus Essential Oils, so your oils should be stored in dark glass. Amber, dark green or deep indigo are best for shielding your oils from harmful light. If you encounter a seller utilising different packaging methods, this should raise a number of red flags about the quality & purity of the oils they are selling.

Lastly, when looking to purchase Essential Oils, look for a seller who makes you feel confident about what you are purchasing. Someone who is knowledgeable about their product & the uses of Essential Oils is likely to be the vendor for you.

When it comes to purchasing Essential Oils, here at The Essential Life, Spark Naturals is our favourite & it is where we get all of our Essential Oils from. Why? We've tried a lot of different types of Essential Oils & Spark Naturals are just as high-quality as the super expensive options that are on the market. Additionally, we're HUGE fans of online retailers. If ordering products online isn't for you, however, Sage Wellness is a great option. They have stores throughout Canada & the United States.

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