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Essential oils group board: This is a board related to all things essential oils.

Health & fitness group board: This board is all about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mindfulness & meditation group board: This board is dedicated to helping us live a happier and fuller life through mindfulness and meditation.

Nature: This board is all about celebrating Mother Nature and her boutiful gifts.

Organic Living: This board is all about living organically the way Mother Nature intended for us to live.

Parenting & family: This board is all about family and parenting.

Reiki healing: This group board is all about reiki healing, crystals and balacning chakras.

Self care: This group board is all about empowering everyone to care for themselves first.

The inspo well: This group board is all about inspirational stories and quotes.

Wellness: This group board is about living well and living naturally.

Yoga: This group board is about all things related to yoga.

The Essential Life

Pinterest group boards

Here at The Essential Life, we are all about building a community of like-minded people underpinned by holistic wellness and with essential oils at its core. We want to invite you all to be a part of this community by joining our group boards on Pinterest!

We have a number of group boards related to a variety of wellness and lifestyle topics and we believe that you have a great deal of value to add to each board and to our community.

Pinterest Group Board Rules

We do have a few rules when it comes to joining The Essential Life conversation on Pinterest.

  • follow all of The Essential Life’s boards

  • only pin relevant content to the board (if you would like The Essential Life to start a new group board, let us know)

  • only pin each piece of content once

  • be kind and respectful to others in The Essential Life community

Contact The Essential Life

If you have any questions about The Essential Life or our group boards on Pinterest, contact us here or email us at

You can also connect with The Essential Life and The Essential Life community on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, you can also join The Essential Life’s Livin’ the essential life Facebook group.

For more information about essential oils and how to use them, please visit The Essential Life’s blog.

If you have valuble information and widsom that you would like to share with The Essential Life community, we would like to invite you to share it by submitting a guest blog. You can submit your gust blog here.

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