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Wisdom is all around us. It is everywhere & in everything. Too receive wisdom, all we must do is listen. We must listen to ourselves & to our hearts. We must listen to nature, the trees & to the wisdom of the wild. We must listen to others, both to what others say & to what they don't say. Only in listening do we ourselves become wise. 

There is wisdom in sharing & it is in sharing that we believe we truly learn to live The Essential Life. Living The Essential Life is all about wisdom & sharing that wisdom. Not just our own wisdom, but that of our entire community. We believe that by coming together with open hearts & open minds, to work collaboratively with the members of our community, all of whom see life through a different lens then we do, we can find true wisdom & share it, not just within The Essential Life community, but with the world at large as well.

The Essential Life was built on the fervent desire to provide a platform for others to share. Not only is sharing therapeutic for the writer, it also touches the lives of each person who reads those words & finds hope in what they read. It is our desire to facilitate that hope by sharing articles & personal stories of trial & triumph. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. You can share your story with The Essential Life community here


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