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Mindfulness & meditation

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Being present, awake, alive & living in each moment as it passes is the path to leading a better, happier & fuller life of contentment & peace. Living in the moment allows us to let go of the past & cut ties with the worries of the future, to truly experience the life we are living. Walking the path of Mindfulness makes a life of contentment & joy possible.

Mindfulness is one of the pillars on which The Essential Life was built. As a lifestyle, Mindfulness encourages us to slow down, breathe deeply & focus on the now. When we truly focus on now, on right this minute, on what is happening all around us in each second as it passes, we find freedom. We find freedom from our past, from the hurts & slights we have experienced. We find freedom from worry, from worrying about errors you might have made at work, or what imagined disasters might befall you. We find freedom from frustrating ourselves with imagined scenarios in our minds, the thoughts of "I'll be so mad if my partner say this", or "I bet my housemate didn't vacuum the floors again". 

As we live in Mindfulness, we let go of the imagined negativity that our mind marinates us in. By letting go of negativity, we free ourselves to live in divinity, love, happiness & light. With this in mind, The Essential Life endeavours to share the teachings of Mindfulness & to bring this practice to our community. We believe that, through the sharing our experience & wisdom as it pertains to Mindfulness, we can help to elevate our community & make the practice of Mindfulness more accessible to more people.

In the spirit of community, The Essential Life would like to invite you to share your experience & wisdom on the practice of Mindfulness. If you'd like to share your Mindfulness story or journey, please submit your article here

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