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The Essential Life is all about living a natural, organic & sustainable lifestyle. It is our firm belief that Mother Nature has provided for us & through nature, we are able to attain all of the resources we require to live a life of abundance. This belief in the abundance of living a life that is close to nature has lead us to share advice & information about sustainable & organic living with The Essential Life community. 

We are passionate about helping to elevate our community & our planet by encouraging a lifestyle whose impact on the Earth, & all of the living things who call Earth their home, is minimal. It is our desire to share information, advice & the first-person experience of living sustainably & organically, in order to educate The Essential Life community & to offer support as we all transition to a nourishing & abundant lifestyle with nature at its core. Not only do we want to educate our community & the world, we also seek to demonstrate the ease & affordability of making more responsible & sustainable decisions with regards to the way we live & the products & services we purchase. We believe that, by sharing our message, we will positively impact not only the environment, but also the lives of each of our readers as a natural & organic lifestyle is good, not only for Mother Nature, but for our own health & wellbeing as well.

For more information about why natural living & organic living is beneficial to our health, we invite you to read more about some of the nasty & detrimental synthetic chemicals that are used in the production of some of the beauty products, & other household items, we use.


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