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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the foundation on which The Essential Life was created. It was a love affair with Essential Oils that ignited a passion for wellness & for living better which is at the very heart of living The Essential Life. 

We believe that, through the sharing of information about Essential Oils, we can make Essential Oils & natural wellness more accessible to more people. We believe this sharing of information will elevate our community & provide others with the information & the resources to live better, to live well & to live naturally. We are so dedicated to the sharing of information with The Essential Life community, this has become our mission & this mission is in everything that we do. It is the basis of The Essential Life's culture.

We believe that, in order to be effective in our mission, it's important to include all members of our community in the conversation. To this end, we endeavour to elevate all members of The Essential Life community by providing a platform of sharing. If you would like to share what you have learned about Essential Oils, please contact us at We also believe that the sharing of the first person experience of using Essential Oils is imperative to The Essential Life. If you would like to help others live The Essential Life, we invite you to share your first-person experience of using essential oils in the comments sections of our blogs.

We hope that our readers find our Essential Oil articles pertinent & valuable in their lives & that the spirit of The Essential Life shines through in all we do & all that we share. If you would like more information about living The Essential Life, we invite you to follow our continued journey on FacebookInstagramPinterest & Twitter



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