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Living The Essential Life is all about improving our lives, the lives of others & elevating those around us through community, connectivity, sharing & support. These themes weave their way through all that The Essential Life does, including our community newsletter.

Included in each issue of The Essential Life's community newsletter are exclusive special offers. We also dedicate a portion of The Essential Life community newsletter to introducing the newest members of our community in an effort to foster connectivity & familiarity amongst The Essential Life community. In addition, our community newsletter includes our monthly self care calendar to help support you in your self care journey. We also share exclusive content on using Essential Oils, free Essential Oil recipes, as well as information on living a healthier, happier & fuller life through meditation, mindfulness, alternative healing & natural living.

The Essential Life community newsletter is also a way for us to connect with the community in a uniquely personal & individualised way. It gives us a chance to speak directly to you, answer your questions, listen to your concerns & to grow with each & every single member of The Essential Life community. It's an opportunity for us to elevate you & the entire community through deep connectivity & support.

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