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I grew up in a small town in rural Victoria. I have two older sisters & one amazing dad. I loved the country life – being able to walk everywhere, seeing the stars at night & knowing the faces of all the people in the main street. I moved to the city to make something special of myself & I have no intentions of going back until I achieve just that.

I dream of being a novelist, writing stories that people the world over will dive inside, on the bad days, & the good.

In my opinion, art is one of the most important things in life. It’s beautiful, fragile, inspiring, strength inducing & quite often the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. I am a defender of true art, sell out cliche’s bore me to tears & frustrate me in general. Mostly because lots of people make money out of it, & it’s already been done one thousand times over. At the end of the day my philosophy is – if the art is making people happy, it’s doing its job, regardless of cliches. Having said that, I always approach my writing with the following quote in mind:

“Art means nothing, if it simply occupies the table of power which holds it hostage” – Adrienne Rich.

Mainly the sum total of who I am is a writer. It’s what I do and if someone asked me to describe myself in one word – that would be it. Writer. The list of writers that inspire me is endless but the main ones areJ.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Charles Bukowski, Michael Biondi & my dad.

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